Well, as some already know, we have been dealing with issues with trying to get a house, and get out of this apartment, for various reasons. I have been trying to do some 'here and there' type things, just for some extra cash. Like this week, I was at the Swan Dolphin M-W, taking blood pressures, and being paid *very* well for it. But, that was just a temp thing, yanno? (My how I wish that would be a permanent job! LOL!! ) Anyway, so I have spent all week looking on Craigslist/sentinel looking for something parttime that would not have me away from home everyday or whatever. Of course the 'work from home' scams are in abundance. Would love some LEGIT work from home..... Anyway, we have had a rough week as far as housing/job goes~seems if it's not one thing it's another. For instance, just when we find an area that is actually AFFORDABLE (the Poinciana area), we must make 3X the rent, to qualify. Then we find out just how FAR Poinciana is.......... and it probably won't work. So the realtor mentioned Davenport. She says its' right by Disney and shouldn't take dh *too long to get to work (in Altamonte). Ok....so now we have an area to consider... but can't afford it. My dh only makes $12.50 (soon to be $13) per hour. That's actually decent money (especially for what he does), but just is not enough to make it, unless we want to settle on the low-income housing (which is where we live now). I don't mind low-income housing....it's not like I have a stigma against it.... but it's the *people* that they end up letting move in here. When we moved in, 18 mos ago, it was fine. Beautiful, quiet, etc. NOW, however, is a totally different story. SO MANY people that were our neighbors have moved out, and bad stuff has moved in. We are to the point we do not feel SAFE anymore, so we want out.

Well, again, the dilemma is money....not enough of it. $13/hr is decent, but not when your rent in your low income development is $840, your vehicle is $350, etc. Sooo....that brings me to the jobsearching thing. Dh has decided to get a 2nd job at Publix, where he used to work. Main reason for this is....he has put in several years there, and after 1 more year of P/T (or 6mos F/T), he will be eligible for retirement $ from them. But, that should bring us up to where we'd need to be to qualify for a house in the $950-990 range. He's already told them he doesn't mind working Saturdays, but would like to be flexible, for taking the kids to Disney. LOL He'll work Saturdays....we'll just have to flex our Disney trips around it, is all (we'll go the hrs he isn't working). And if we are in the Davenport area, then hopefully we'll be able to go more than just Saturday. So, send your wishes, prayers, and pixie dust that this will work out for us. Stinks that he'll have to work 65 hrs/wk.... especially when some days I really look forward to him coming home to help out.... But it's the only way to get us out of this low income situation. And with any luck, it won't be *permanent....maybe this other job will open more doors of opportunity for something else, who knows. Trying to look on the bright side!