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General Discussions Discuss I Pods or MP3 players? in the Community Center forums; I am ready to finally get into listening to podcasts. Do any of you have any suggestions on which I should buy?...
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    I Pods or MP3 players?

    I am ready to finally get into listening to podcasts. Do any of you have any suggestions on which I should buy?

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    I agree. I love my pod!

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    MP3 player ipods are total ripoffs!You can get an mp3 player 2 times as good for half the price.
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    Well, are you going to use it for mostly podcasts? If that is the case an iPod would be your best bet. If you are going to be using it for music as well then I would suggest a Creative Zen Microphoto which holds 8GB of music and photos, and includes an organizer, microphone, FM tuner, and a recorder. Also, when it comes to long term use with the iPod if the battery stops working then you have to send it out to fix it. With the Microphoto you just need to purchase a new Lithium Ion battery. If you like to have alot of acessories to go with an iPod would have more. iPods are compatable with both Macs and PCs, but can only use iTunes to recieve music. While the Zen is only Pc compatable but can use Windows Media 10, Wal Mart music store, and Rhapsody to go. Remember to do plenty of research before buying something like an mp3 to get the best thing for you.

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    I have a Sansa Sandisk. It has 2 gb. With the 2 gb, you can get about 250 mp3 files, OR about 400+ WMA files (files you transfer from your computer). You can get one with 4 gb or 56 mb-I think. I love it-the earbuds that come with are wonderful, and it runs 19 hours of playback on one AAA battery. The only thing I don't like about it, and I mean the ONLY thing, is that when you transfer complete CD's, it puts the songs in alphabetical order. It even has a stopwatch, equalizer (most do have these, however), and a recording microphone! I used it on the Haunted Mansion, but quickly put it away when they stopped the ride-I got scared-lol. I hope you find one that suits you!
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