So.... dh had his interview for a 2nd job yesterday, and it seems to have gone very well. He's expecting a call tomorrow for more specific working hours, as well as an exact start date, but basically it should be soon.

Now...we'll have the first hurdle out of the way (earning more money). It stinks that he's gonna be working probably 65hrs/wk, but what can you do, yanno? I mean, really. What other choices do we have??? Sigh.

The other obstacle to overcome will be getting approved for a house to rent. Credit stinks.... But that's what happens when you are gets shot. We had it all caught up at one point in time, and never intended for this to happen, but all it takes is a month or two of something catastrophic (financially) happening, and before you know it, you just can't dig yourself up out of the fees you have incurred. So, that's basically what happened w/our credit, and now I have THAT to worry about. Which is wierd, because if our credit was that great, we'd probably think about buying something (if we could decide where to live), but now it seems as though you almost have to have spotless credit just to *rent in central FL.

Speaking of....I drove out to Poinciana yesterday, to look at a gorgeous 4bd/2ba 2-story house, that is newer and in our budget range (Poinciana is CHEAP~that kind of house runs about $995-1000/m). However......when we FINALLY got there........I realized it was waaaaaaaaay too far for dh's drive to his jobs. So forget that. However, we may be looking to Davenport, since it's a little closer (about 15mins closer to his job....and 15 mins, going 55-60mph is quite a distance, so that 15 mins is important) Again, cheaper housing than in Orlando and it's surrounding cities.

So that's a lil update on lil ole me