Well, we are still house hunting. We have had a few things fall through for various reasons.... For instance, one house I called the man on a Wed (last week) and we were supposed to meet w/him Friday evening to look at the house. I called Friday afternoon to confirm the appt, and he said he had signed a contract with someone yesterday (the day before). Sigh.

Then another house I was supposed to go look at today at 4. Was waiting for confirmation from the realtor that it was ok, that 4 was a good time to view the house (which currently has tenants). Never heard back. Then this afternoon at about 4:05 I get a call from the man (another realtor) wondering where we were. Um......never got the confirmation call, and wasn't about to just drive there. He apologized that I never got a callback to confirm, and said we could reschedule.

Meanwhile.....yesterday as I was driving home from viewing this house (that I was supposed to see the inside today at 4), I remember passing a subdivision in my area. A NICE subdivision, something that I figured was never going to be in our budget. I knew the name of the subd. sounded familiar but couldn't figure out why. So last night I was looking at Rentclicks again, and noticed an ad for this area, w/that subd. THATS why it sounded familiar..... only, I never bothered to check out the ad until last evening. I checked it out, and miraculously the house is w/in our budget. I immediately called and left a message, and the woman called back this evening. We spoke for awhile, and she seems like she really wants to rent to us. So we are supposed to meet w/her tomorrow evening. Please....LOTS of prayers about this!! This could be the one! This could be the reason why the other things fell through (and why coincidently I took note of the subdiv. yesterday as I was driving home from looking at a totally different property.) I NEVER ever thought about this subdiv. until yesterday when I actually noticed it and knew it sounded familiar......and miraculously is within our budget (with dh's 2nd job).

So that's the update....we'll go look tomorrow, and should know something Saturday!