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General Discussions Discuss Update, not such good news in the Community Center forums; I thought I posted this here the other day, but I guess not.... Sorry! I've been too bummed about the situation to sit down and type an update about it, ...
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    Blissfully close *ahhhh*

    Update, not such good news

    I thought I posted this here the other day, but I guess not.... Sorry!

    I've been too bummed about the situation to sit down and type an update about it, but....Well, we didn't get the house that we reeeeeeeally thought we were going to get, and really really REALLY wanted. From what we were told, basically we lost it to someone who makes more money than we do. My dh makes about 24K at his job, and because we have been struggling for years with that, he's taken on a parttime job now too, which brings our total income to about 34-35K, that's working two jobs. Unfortunately, the Orlando area is not cheap to rent, and so we are struggling, and struggling even more to find a place to live. I am just getting so down from the blows and letdowns, yanno? Once we lost a place because I had called on Wed to see the house on Fri (when both dh and I could go) and by Fri the man signed a lease w/someone else. Then there's the fact that many realtors want you to make 3X the rent, which would have us looking in the 900/month range, and ummmm you're NOT gonna find a house for 900/m (3bdr, 2ba) in this area. So we're *****ed. Thats why we figured we'd try private landlords (not to mention our credit is less than a 600 score, so it ****s basically). Well, you see what we've experienced with that~being blown off for someone who makes more money, or else the lease is signed by the time we are supposed to look. And yes, we really were slashed only at the fact that they make more money, because the landlord didn't even verify any of our other info (she could have seen that we have perfect rental history), and just decided to give our app fee $50 back. At least we'll get that back, but I'd have rather lost the $ and had the house! LOL Sighhh. So, I'm feelin' kinda down about things these days, just wondering how many more blows we have to take before something works out

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    Aww..*gives a hug*

    Don't worry. In the end, it will all work out fine trust me. Ok yes I'm a kid BUT!...

    My grandparents came to this country with $300 hidden in the sole of their shoes. They weren't allowed out of the country with more than $150. They had to sneak it out because of the Iron Fist of Fidel Castro. So, they came here and had to share an apartment with 2 other families. My grandfather worked two jobs and my grandmother had to help clean the apartment. They did NOT earn a lot of money. They had to use it all for rent and food.

    After many years of striving. They had 4 children and life became even harder for them. They ended up paying for college for all of them. And now..

    Jorge - Is a VERY prosperous architect with my grandfather.
    Tony - Is a big name in the Miami-Dade County architect division thing lol.
    Sylvia (My mom) - Is the director of news and networking at the largest, Spanish-Speaking news station in history.
    Carmen - Is single, but is a novelist. She has spent her years writing novels and getting published.

    As bleak as the times may seem right now, there is hope for the future. Good things come to people who work for it. Yes, it is tough knowing that God may not plop it down on your lap, but if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

    Best wishes!
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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