Well, we are all moved! I thought the day was never going to come. I also thought the night before was never going to end :banghead Dh and I stayed up (kids were at g'mas) til 6am Saturday, and then we crashed, then got up at 8 to finish what we needed to do and head to the new house. Poor dh, he had one person helping him for a few hours, to carry the heavy stuff, but *everything* else he carried down by himself, down from the 2nd floor apt. He was just beat. When we arrived to the house, we had soooooooo much help, so that was a big help, and even had lunch made for everyone. We've been settling in, and got all of the rooms done the first day except our own lol. The pool should be done by Monday or Tuesday, and in a couple of weeks I want to do some landscaping in the backyard (pulling up old bushy looking things that are dead and of no use and just ugly). We have a *huge* backyard, and a good sized side yard. Now if only dh had a lawnmower, or could pay someone to come do the backyard, we'd be fine *sigh* So yeah, I'm not letting the kids play in the yard til it's been treated (mowed, bushes dug, moll balls laid out on the perimter for snaks just in case lol, and a few ant hills killed) For now they have just been enjoying playing on the pool deck/patio area (big enough area for a little play, and there's a baby pool gate to keep them from the pool). We also had to deal with some fireants on the inside, I guess largely due to the mounds on the outside, but we seem to have won that battle.

The neighborhood seems nice and quiet, and from talking to a couple neighbors, that's how it is. About 25% of the houses in this subdivision are short-term rentals (vacation rentals), because we are about 10-15mins from Disney. So sometimes some houses are vacant. Those who are here I've been told basically come home and go into their cave lol. You hardly see people walking around. I've seen people in their garages, or taking an early morning walk, but other than that, people aren't just roaming, which was something that really bugged us in he apts, so that's nice. It's so private to be in a house, compared to an apt! So we are enjoying it Anyway, just an update on us