Ok..weird post of the day. Halloween is coming up and the little one is insisting that the Big D (dada) be ...the Big D (as in Donald Duck).. She wants me to be Goofy, but I have that costume covered naturally.

Anyway my request goes out to you guys because I live in podunkville and am limited to a certain number of stores to shop at. The only chance I would have of finding what I want is an 1 1/2 hour drive. I am searching for a Donald Duck costume size XX or XXX in mens. I cant afford the official one on line brand new, so was hoping someone would have one. I dont want to buy on Ebay because most of them are pretty much the same price with no return policy and no guarantee of defects. We do have a limit money wise so if anyone has one they dont want to part with permanently but would be willing to loan for a rental fee even, I would take very good care of it. Only need it for a few hours total.

If not I can make one but I still need a white sweatshirt SIZE XX or XXX (logo on front ok-it will be covered with Donalds blue shirt) , a pair of orange sweats or orange polyester pants(XX is good for those) --there is no way I will get that man to wear orange tights after the scuba outfit last year. a solid blue pajama like shirt and a solid white baseball cap.

If anyone has any of these things I would sooooooo appreciate the help. Please let me know by the end of Sept. That gives me time to get stuff assembled.