I just bought my first computer. A laptop called a Dell Inspiron 600m with upgrades for almost 45% off.

But this Slick Deal is only for today. It ends on Wednesday morning at 5:59:59 A.M. EST.

It is not the percentage of 45% that is the Slick Deal. It is getting an instant discount of $750.00 on select Dell Inspiron laptops that show on the invoice of greater than $1500.00. Plus a mail in rebate of $49.00 to get free shipping.

I have never owned a computer. I have always used a WebTV for my internet access. WebTV does not use a mouse and does not use Windows. I use the up and down arrows and the back button.

It took me forever to figure out to get the right Dell Inspiron laptop and upgrades for me so that the price reached greater than $1500.00.

Everytime I thought that I had it right, the Dell website kept wanting to give me a 15% discount after all my choices which altomatically put the price below $1500.00 and the code for $750.00 wouldn't work.

What did I finally figure out?

I finally choose an option that would give me a price greater than $1500.00 after the 15% discount.

Then before I finalized my order in my cart, I applyed the $750.00 instant discount code of "ZD5$P0NS954P16" . This erased the smaller 15% discount and added the $750.00 instant discount.

Then I updated my upgrades to decrease the price by a little less than 15% so the laptop cost just over $1500.00.

This kept the $750.00 instant discount and did not replace it with the 15% discount.

I still was able to apply for the $49.00 shipping mail in rebate.

So technically...if you could do what I did and price a Dell Inspiron laptop for as little as $1500.01. you could get an instant discount of $750.00 for a final price before taxes(if your state must tax) for a subtotal of $749.99. Then subtracting the mail in rebate of $49.00, your final price could end up for $699.99 for a $1500.00 laptop.

That's just about a 50% discount.

So it is not the percentage off.

It is ordering a laptop greater than $1500.00 and receiving $750.00 instant discount and a $49.00 MIR.

You can use the code ZD5$P0NS954P16 yourself, but I would strongly suggest that you go to www.slickdeals.net and read all the comments that others have asked and answered.

Or you can do what I did above.

Good luck and good night.

Sincerely RaySharpton šoš