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General Discussions Discuss 9/11 - Five Years On. in the Community Center forums; Originally Posted by trickster Where were you on that fateful day in 2001? How did you heard the news?...... As another"Brit"...................... on that tragic day I was watching our TV ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by trickster View Post
    Where were you on that fateful day in 2001?

    How did you heard the news?......
    As another"Brit"...................... on that tragic day I was watching our TV News Channel when the newsflash came on that a plane had gone into the Tower.
    Like lots of others I thought what a terrible terrible accident to happen............................then as I watched ...I saw live TV footage as that 2nd plane hit & to ours & everyones Horror......... realised it was no accident......... but a Terrorist attack.
    My thoughts & prayers on 11th September every year sinse are for everyone who lost their lives...........all the Mums..Dads...Wives....Husbands..........Sisters & Brothers ........well for everyone who lost someone dear to them.
    The World will always remember............................LOVE ...THOUGHTS & PRAYERS everyone

    I Belle

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    on the morning of Sept 11th ( i lived in Texarkana TX)i got up and went for my jog got dressed went to the army national guard to take the ASVAB to join the army.. we were locked in a room one person and we were their for hours.. when i finally got out i turned on my cellphone and my mom called and told me what was going on... i got back to the recruiting station were my mom called told me to go fill up my tank.. i did so .. the lines were crazy and they were only letting you get $20 worth at a time.. i went back to the recruiting office found out i had pasted and that i was leaving first thing tomorrow for the MEPS station in La. the next day..

    i went to MEPS and done everything but swore in... and i couldnt do family and husband at the time was so against it.. so i didnt join..

    a year later on the 1st anni. when they declared a moment of silence for prayer.. i prayed for the families and everyone involved.. but i also prayed for a resolution on my in laws HORRIBLE divorce they were going thru... my father in law body wasnt filtering his toxins and he was losing his mind and standing on his brother porch cousin my hubby and his wife and trying to sell everything they owned and was just awful fight and battle and it was getting ugly the min after the moment of silence a abulance and come up the road to his brother his right next door.. they had found him dead in his bed.. he had tried to get up but couldnt they said he had like 50lbs or more of water gained on him and had to call the fire dept to get him out of the house.. it was a awful day already and made even worse now with my father in laws passing and i had to call my hubby from work and let him know what happened it was awful!

    ever since then i have watch for what i pray for.. i prayed for a resolution but i didnt mean for him to go..
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    I was on my way into my National Guard Armory In Syracuse, i heard the news. Got to the Armory and things were in an uproar, the second plane hit, we heard about the pentagon. According to the news reports car bombs were going off in DC and we expected a second wave of bombings in NYC. We called people into the armory and sent the medics and military police sections down to NYC. I stayed at the armory for 3 days, none fo us left.> We really thought more was going to happen.

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    I hope noone minds me sharing this on the 9/11 thread. I have my own personal memory of what 9/11 means to me and my family that happened 2 years ago (this was written by my husband from his web page):

    My personal 9-11 memorial took place the other day…surrounded by family and close loved ones. We met in the middle of a park, all bearing bright colored balloons. We met as a “family” to remember and grieve the loss of Brianna Grace Karczewski.
    Two years ago, she was taken from this earth, by a tragic accident. She was almost 3 years old. She touched everyone that she met. She was an angel, sent to this world , only for a short time…to love and touch lives. On 9-11-05, , we lost one of the most special little girls one could ever meet. It was no terrorist act; but simply a unimaginable accident that occurred on a nice beach, on a normal day, to a wonderful little family.
    This impacted every member of my family in a different way…. Please take a moment to try to understand the destruction death can bring and the painful memories that no time can “erase”.
    My father, who had gone down to VA, to visit my Brother and his family for a week…stood on the shore, holding back Aaron, (Briannas Brother) from trying to run into the tide to help his sister. My Dad was helpless, simply watching in terror, as his oldest son, frantically fought the tide trying to rescue his only daughter. The only thoughts in my Fathers head, “I am going to lose them both…and there is absolutely nothing I can do). How helpless he must have felt, feeling his heart ripped out of his chest,
    My brother, grasping for air, fighting the oceans undertow, trying to get a hold of Briannas arm. Just taking hold of her hand and then being ripped away again, and again. Trying to save his little girl; trying to save himself as well.
    Brianna loved the water, she was a great swimmer, at a very young age. She loved the pool, she loved the beach. She adored the ocean. It was one of her favorite things. The horrific irony, that she lost her life, doing what she loved to do best (swim) in her favorite place, (the oceans shore).
    No one could ever imagine this. A regular morning, a family day trip to the beach.
    Years later, as we reflected on her beautiful smile, her awesome laugh, the way she lit up a room…, my Father, (hard as a rock at times and skin tough as nails) broke down remembering the helpless feeling that morning at the beach. He only repeated, there was nothing I could do but feel helpless and scarred, “I couldn’t do anything to save her!”
    When you take time to pray, or remember people in your day to day …please spare a moment to remember Brianna. Even if you never knew her. Just take the most important person in your life, and imagine watching them struggle for their life, and you are helplessly watching the whole thing. Remember our family, my brother and his wife…

    This past Tuesday the ballons we released in the air were for her and for everyone who went to heaven on 9-11. Her picture was attached to pink balloons, and mylar balloons with Dora and ones that looked liked the American Flag. Thanks for listening
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    I was at Disney World 2 days ago and when I looked at my fastpass for Soarin', I had a pang hit my heart to see "Tue Sept 11". I wasn't going to say anything, but then I showed the fastpasses to my mom, and she said she had already thought about it that morning. I told her I didn't want to think about that all day and luckily the magic of Disney swept those thoughts away very quickly. It was sad to think about how my life went on, and I how I was so happy to be at WDW, when so many people were grieving that day.
    - Hillary
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    wow Nenny_Mouse that is sad.. at least someone was trying to help her.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories with us guys!

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    I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney

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