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General Discussions Discuss Grey's Anatomy in the Community Center forums; tonight is the new season of greys anatomy at 9 EST...
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    Grey's Anatomy

    tonight is the new season of greys anatomy
    at 9 EST
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    You know...I had never watched this show, but saw that they were doing a recap during the first hour last night and then that they new season was starting right after that so I decided to record it and ended up watching it at 3:30 this morning. It was very good and I think that I just might have another show addiction! For anyone interested, I think that they are showing a repeat of the season premiere tonight. Did anybody by chance watch the new show 6 Degree's after Grey's??? I recorded that as well and I thought it was a pretty good show.

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    The second season has just started here on Living TV and it is soooo good.

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    Yep, we like the show too. We are getting season two at the moment on Thursday Nights.

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    omg I just saw it!

    I absolutely adore this show and watch it religiously!

    They began the season amazingly!!!
    It was really emotional and definatley touched me. Especially during each of the Omar/Miranda scenes. Those were so moving, I think I cried.
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    I teared up too! I was with girlfriends and I was the only one crying in the room, thank goodness I wasn't the only one!!
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    I don't watch Grey's because I was busy watching CSI.

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    You can get it on iTunes, too. Great show.

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