Heads up to those of you visiting WDW December 8th through the 12th!

From http://saluteheroes.org/sah_contents...04/index.shtml

The First Annual Road to Recovery Conference and Tribute
December 8 - 12, 2004 | Walt Disney World, FL

As you may have already discerned, the Disney Conference will be our most critical line of initial communication with the severely wounded and disabled War on Terror veterans we seek to serve. It’s the all-important door opener that will help motivate and inspire these war-ravaged veterans to realize their best years are still ahead of them, and that with the right effort and help they can enjoy productive and fulfilling lives. The Conference will make them more receptive to accepting help and to better understand the many very excellent opportunities available to them. This is why the Veterans Administration is cooperating with the Coalition and conducting many of the Conference seminars and workshops. These will be about educational, job training, placement and employment opportunities, including a special session for spouses on coping and a dramatic demonstration of how disabled veterans can conquer outdoor challenges.

Also featured will be inspiring success stories told by disabled veterans and highly motivational talks by leading entrepreneurs and experts. And, each military attendee will be offered a private, one-hour personal needs assessment and evaluation – a first step in preparation for our Hero Counselor/Coach/Champions program.

The Conference will also be an extraordinary opportunity for attendees to share experiences, make new friendships and bond with others who have so much in common.

And last but not least will be the chance for everyone to have fun amidst all the attractions of Disney World, as well as enjoy some fabulous special entertainment highlighted by a star-studded Country Music Show and a Sports Legend Night featuring stars of today and yesteryear.

All in all, the Conference promises to be quite a beneficial and memorable event – but most importantly, one that gives our severely disabled veterans a big head start on their “Road to Recovery.”

But perhaps not unlike the atmosphere that prevailed before the Olympics last summer in Greece, which turned out masterfully after all, we are still scrambling to pull together some very special surprises. These will help make the Conference a particularly exciting experience for some 600 or more severely disabled veterans and their families in attendance – the vast majority of whom have already registered.

We are looking for donors of 250 each for digital cameras, laptops, camcorders, cell phones and free service, walkmans, free Internet service, luggage, a free one-week resort stay, a supply of Omaha steaks, etc. – these to be part of a surprise shower of gifts that each disabled veteran will receive, the actual gifts to be later shipped to their homes. Cooperating manufacturers will receive category exclusives along with a good deal of recognition and publicity, particularly if we’re able to arrange for a major morning or other national TV talk show to use our Disney Conference as a venue for one of its regular broadcasts – the gifts to be presented during the show. We also hope to nationally televise a highly patriotic, star-studded entertainment extravaganza taped at Disney, during which participating manufacturers and sponsors would be recognized.

There are still some excellent Conference sponsorship opportunities available and, of course, donations in any amount to help cover our $2.5 million nut would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re interested in helping with any of the above, please call us as soon as possible at (703) 556-4376.