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General Discussions Discuss 40 Years without Walt in the Community Center forums; Today, December 15, 2006, marks the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney's untimely death at the age of 65. Walt Disney's death was a direct result of smoking cigarettes. After many ...
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    40 Years without Walt

    Today, December 15, 2006, marks the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney's untimely death at the age of 65.

    Walt Disney's death was a direct result of smoking cigarettes. After many years of smoking, he was diagnosed with lung cancer in the fall of 1966. Despite surgery to remove the infected lung, the cancer had spread and Walt died just a few months later.

    When Walt found out about the cancer, the Disney company was just coming off the huge successes it had at the World's Fair and with Mary Poppins in the theaters. There were movies in production. Land had been acquired for "The Florida Project" and Walt had a dream called EPCOT.

    Imagine what the world would have been like had he lived.... had he known what smoking does to the body.... had he known what we know now.

    Today, if you are a smoker, please think for a moment about this. Maybe today is the day to put that cigarette back in the pack without lighting it up.

    If you are a kid thinking smoking is cool, or considering trying it, or have friends who smoke, please think for a moment about this as well. Walt Disney brought so many gifts to the world, and his time here was cut short by smoking. You have only begun your time on this earth. Who knows what kind of gifts you might have for humanity. Don't cut your time short by mistaking something deadly as something 'cool'.

    Think about it. We never know when our time will be, we may never know all the facts and causes, but we know so much more than Walt did about the dangers of smoking. Remember him today.
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Many people I love have been or are smokers. Most of them wish they had never picked the nasty things up. If you smoke, for your own sake and the sake of your loved ones, please try to quit. If you don't smoke, please don't start. Life is too short as it is. No need to hurry it along. Stop and smell the roses. That's hard to do if you are surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke.
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    Amen Sisters! Wonderful post!
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    Well said Ladies!

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    i smoke, actually, i'm doing that right now. it's something i am not proud of. it smells, kills, and is a total waste of money. but it's addicting. it's one thing in my life i have not been able to take control of. i've tried quitting multiple ways. smoking is my weakness.

    today marks the 3rd anniversary of my grandfather's passing. he smoked and it costed him his life.

    you think i'd be able to quit after holding his hand while i watched him pass away. after he passed i went directly outside the hospital and smoked. it's a horrible habbit. if you don't smoke... never start. and if you have smoked and was able to quit... you are better than i am.

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    I tried smoking in high school because it was "cool", I was a social smoker for years, if I had a drink I would want to smoke but most of the time I could go without it. Stopped completely when I was pregnant then started again, it was one per night. What made me quit it for good was when I started exercising in May, haven't touched a cigarette since and I don't miss it, in fact I can't stand it now. I guess I was one of the lucky ones who didn't get addicted.

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    Very well put!

    We honor the life and spirit of the man for whom without his legacy, this DWT family wouldn't even be here.
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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    I honor Walt.

    One thing I have lucky about smoking is that I have horrible asthma and cigarette smokes makes it really hard for me to breathe. My asthma is only angered by cigarette smoke and lawn cuttings, so I'm lucky. However I have a friend who smokes, and everytime he lights one up, we harass him.

    However I will honor Walt on this day.

    (and very nicely put pat!)
    - Jeanne

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    I will never smoke and Walt's death is one of the resons.
    I'm only happy in Disney World
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    Keep on babbeling

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