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General Disney Trivia and Games Discuss Murder in Neverland: Sign Up Thread! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I am so sorry to do this, please forgive me. I am going through somewhat of a personal crisis right now and I may not be online much at all ...
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    I am so sorry to do this, please forgive me.
    I am going through somewhat of a personal crisis right now and I may not be online much at all to post. Can someone please close this?
    Sometime in the future I will start up a new game. With my life in shambles, and the lack of interest right now I think it would be best if we tried to pick it up later on.

    Thanks and I am so sorry.

    "Almost everyone is mad here. You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself." - Chesire Cat

    "You have spirit for one so small, and that spirit deserves a fighting chance." - Shere Khan

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    I hope everything is alright Sher..... and what ever will we do....

    Even though i just saw this thread.
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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    I am so sorry to hear this. I hope things in your personal life gets much better and we will all be sure to keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Please take care of yourself...
    WHAFTFCOL now who wants a cookie!?!
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    Please take care of yourself and keep posting. We will play once you're ready!! We'll wait.
    Can't wait to go back !!!
    First WDW trip June, 1996 - Lots of Disneyland trips in between -Last WDW trip December, 2006
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    Hello to all Disney fans !!!

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    hey guys havent played since Animal Kingdom but i have alot of time now thankfully so could i ask if i could be Jack Skellington?

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    Right here!!!
    Hey Katy - I hope that you are ok!!!
    We can wait for whatever you need to do.
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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