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General Disney Trivia and Games Discuss Segway tour in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I have planned to take the Segway tour in a couple of days and I have just wondered about if anybody had taken that fastidious ride and what they thinking ...
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    Segway tour

    I have planned to take the Segway tour in a couple of days and I have just wondered about if anybody had taken that fastidious ride and what they thinking of it?

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    Re: Segway tour

    We have experienced the segway tour around the world showcase twice. You will definitely enjoy it. It was awsome.
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    Re: Segway tour

    I've done the Segway around the World tour as well. I'd previously done a tour of Chicago on Segways and loved it. I was a little dissapointed in the lack of freedom on the Epcot Segway tour - we really got to run our Segways to the limits on the Chicago tour - but it was still LOADS of fun. I now always look and see if there's a Segway tour when I travel someplace new.

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    Re: Segway tour

    Is it worht the price?

    June 7, 2011
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    Re: Segway tour

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    Re: Segway tour

    Hubby and I did the Segway tour around World Showcase in 2008 and loved it. We had a good hour of training inside Innoventions, and then got taken out to tour the lagoon and the countries, with a little bit of Disney trivia thrown in for good measure. We also had around 10 minute at the Italy pavillion to take photos and video which was a nice touch. Would definitely recommend it!


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    Re: Segway tour

    Believe the Segway tour is worth the price because of the opportunity to tour EPCOT on one. Very Jetsonish!
    It's something I always remember everytime I go - zipping around the countries and gardens !
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