Here's a couple of chat game ideas yall might like:

someone starts the game with a capitalized word that associate with one word that people are trying to guess, once guessing slows down (like popcorn popping ) you give another word that clues to the word associated to them... example:


and people would be like berries! sky! hair! balls! light!

since no one guessed it... BLUE - SHINE and then eventually.. BLUE - SHINE - LIGHT

and if someone were to say, moon... they'd win... they're up... yaay.

I suppose it could be played forumly, but it's.. uh.. funner when it's fast paced!

Another game is LiMeRiX! I made a post about it but it didn't take off umm.. forumly. We played these games back in the day when aol chatting was for the elite (bwahahahaha!) and limerix revived the community when we got burned out on "WA".. fun games when certain substances circum the circumstances into hmmm... entertaining enlightenment.. yeah!