At Disneyland in Anaheim, Main Street is a seemingly perfect north-south axis; one enters the park facing due north toward Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is in line with the modern street grid in that area, although I believe Disneyland predates the grid by some years. The layout is the same at the Magic Kingdom. Epcot is also on a north-south axis, although you enter the park facing due south toward Spaceship Earth. At Disney/MGM Studios, the entranceway is not oriented north-south, although many (most?) of the buildings are aligned north-south or are rotated 45 degrees. At Animal Kingdom, the pathways are a little more free-flowing, but the park nonetheless has an obvious north-south axis from the entrance north to the Tree of Life. Some of the resort complexes also seem to tend toward a north-south orientation. In Florida, there was no existing street grid to conform to, and the generally flat terrain would likely have allowed for any layout. Does anybody know the reason for this apparent emphasis on strict geographical geometry?