We respectfully ask you, the Members of DWT , to return to using the "Report Post" button only for serious problems and issues.

We look for "Reported Posts" to address problems that need immediate attention. Problems such as SPAM, a language problem, an inappropriate link or photo, or members having problems with one another that need moderating.

We do not believe a thread about celebrating a Member's Post Count Milestone that finds it's way to a "WDW Miscellaneous" Forum by accident is a problem needing immediate attention.

Using this button for pointing out threads that need moved creates not only a backlog of work to check on in our email each day but sidetracks focus from the things that really need our attention.

If you personally have started a thread and did not realize you were in the wrong place and you would like assistance in moving it, please feel free to PM me or one of the other Moderators with a request and we will address it in a timely manner.

Please refrain from pointing out the mistakes of others accidentally posting in confusing locations, especially within the thread itself. That would be considered off topic and can only cause more problems. These threads will be addressed as a regular maintenance issue by administration.

Thank you for your help in making things run more smoothly here at DWT and for making it the fun friendly place I am proud to be a part of.

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