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General Trivia Fun & Games Discuss I did something really silly. in the General Discussions forums; Originally Posted by DisneyDreamer13 I've been laughing at myself again! At work on monday i was wearing one of the new uniform aprons, and the ties are so long they ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyDreamer13 View Post
    I've been laughing at myself again!
    At work on monday i was wearing one of the new uniform aprons, and the ties are so long they wrap around behind and then tie at the front. Just after i'd served a customer at the cash register i went to turn behind me, and discovered the ties had been trapped in the cash draw without me noticing! Thankfull i didnt pull the register off the desk, and the customer had left so nobody witnessed my stupidity( or me giggling at myself after).
    I think i'll be tying the knot at the side from now on!!
    I guess that could have been disasterous if you'd turned really fast and pulled the register off the counter. As it's pretty funny. Wish I'd been there. (I have aprons like that and I've hooked the ties on drawer handles in the kitchen and nearly caused some scary accidents. I try to remember to tie them on the side now too.)
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    I thought of another really good one...

    I was around 10 or 11 I guess and we went to Charlotte NC. We were at some bumper boat place and it had a few other rides, anyway we were all getting on the bumper boats and I was a bit impatient and I had one foot on the boat and one foot on the wall by the pool... Well the guy let the boat go and I did the splits right in the water! I was flapping about and everyone was yelling at me "Stand Up!" I didn't realize it was only about 3 or 4 feet of water, I thought I was drowning. They pulled me out and I lost one of my shoes, it was floating on down the pool to the little water fall they had there. The pool looked like a little lagoon or something. So yup we always get a tickle out of that when the family is around. Very embarrassing!!
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