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Favorite Article From Issue 9

  1. Epcot_Don
    What is your favorite article from Issue 9? Mine is Fantasyland: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. I love when we do features on the Lands of the Magic Kingdom and I can't wait until we do Frontierland and Liberty Square.
  2. Mrs Potts
    Mrs Potts
    I don't know if I can make a single choice! The entire magazine is fantastic! I do enjoy the Resort features as well as the featured attraction segment. Love it!!
  3. Disney05
    I also have a hard time deciding. I love the photo's. Just going through issue 10 now.
  4. MrCottonsParrot
    Color me biased, but I like my Pixar article! I also wrote the Illuminations piece for issue #8 and the Disney Cruise Line dining piece for issue #6. I have more articles coming out in future issues.
  5. Epcot_Don
    Your Illuminations piece was fantastic, great job!
  6. Epcot_Don
    Pixar and Disney Cruise Line dining are top notch too! What future articles are you working on? I just finished up a piece on The American Adventure for Issue 11, and I am also working on a piece about The Land.
  7. MrCottonsParrot
    I have an upcoming article on some of the elaborately themed queues. Tim hinted at it during the last Top 10.

    I have some other articles in the works. I'd prefer to not reveal the subjects, until I have some feedback from Tim that they'll be published.
  8. Mrs Potts
    Mrs Potts
    The article about the queues sounds very interesting. Can hardly wait!
  9. Epcot_Don
    I gotcha, don't want to reveal TOO much!
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