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Thoughts on Issue 10

  1. Epcot_Don
    Issue 10 is now arriving in mailboxes, so if anyone wants to post their thoughts, that would be great!!

    I wrote the Cover Story on the WDW Railroad, as well as Old Key West Resort. I picked Old Key West because I didn't think many people know a whole lot about it, so i wanted to show it some love!
  2. Mrs Potts
    Mrs Potts
    Oooh! Thanks for the heads up on issue 10, I'm anxiously awaiting! Can't wait to read the Old Key West article. We rode the boat from DTD to OKW for a quick snack, but didn't really get a good look around. The little bit I did see was fab-u-lous (2 snaps and a Z)! As for the railroad, can someone tell me if the leg labeled "Smith" is still at one of the stations?
  3. Disneyfan80
    Don you did a fantastic job on your articles, keep up the great work, I loved the railroad article. Celebrations magazine just keeps getting better and better everytime a new magazine comes. Great job everyone who writes article and thank you Lou and Tim for bringing the joy of Disney to us and making this great magazine possible.
  4. Epcot_Don
    Thank you very much for your kind words Disneyfan80!
  5. Epcot_Don
    Yes Mrs. Potts, as far as I know the leg named Smith is still waiting to be claimed at the Frontierland Railroad Station's Lost and Found!
  6. Mrs Potts
    Mrs Potts
    Fantastic!! Amazing how some small details make a huge impact. I feel sad for those who walk right by and don't even realize. Not just for the leg, but for the entire property. Those poor, unfortunate souls...
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