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The Thing I'll Miss Most About Toontown is........

  1. Epcot_Don
    I posted this one in the general discussions forum, but I thought it would be cool to bring it to our group also. And feel free to reminisce about Birthday Land and Star Land too!!!

    I'll start things off:
    I'm going to miss Mickey and Minnie's Houses sooooo much. There is just so much detail that was put into them. And I love the garage and also the backyard with Pluto's dog house! I really hope they will live on somewhere on the property...... but where?
  2. Mrs Potts
    Mrs Potts
    I'll have to go with the housing as well. I didn't spend much time in Toontown, so I really don't have that "sentimental" feeling. And if it weren't for the DSI on this land, I doubt I would even know Cornelius Coot (sp?), lol.
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