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Issue #11

  1. black562
    I would first like to say hello, as I just joined this group. My name is Joe Black and Disney World is in my blood. I noticed they had posted the cover for Issue #11 so I thought I would start a post. This issue Celebrates America!!!
  2. MrCottonsParrot
    Welcome, Joe. I understand you wrote the article about Disney's America? Looking forward to it! I live in the Northern Virginia area, and I remember vividly when the park was announced. Too bad it never came to be.

    I've written several articles for Celebrations, and issue #11 will have my latest.
  3. black562
    Yes, I did write that article, how did you know? I started following Disney's America when it was first announced (I was in college then). I have all sorts of photos, artwork, etc on my computer and decided that Celebrations was the perfect place to remember the park that almost was. I've made some contributions to the wikipedia article as well.
  4. MrCottonsParrot
    I saw on the website that Disney's America is going to be in issue 11, so I asked Tim who the author was, and he told me it was you. Looking forward to reading it!
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