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Disney Dads Who Need A Group 'Cause The Mom's Have One

  1. psychoraven28
    Welcome All!
  2. psychoraven28
    cool to see there are actually members now....
  3. TTAfanatic
    Hey guys, how many of you will admit to applying for the Disney Moms Panel? (...I did, hey, it mean't a free trip!)
  4. firemedic
    Hey all! If I knew the Disney Moms meant a free trip, I would have signed up in a heartbeat!
  5. psychoraven28
    lol,i would have worn a dress for that!
  6. firemedic
    LOL! WDW has an amazing effect. It makes a couple of guys consider going in drag just so they can go there. I would have broken my ankle in those heels. LOL!
  7. psychoraven28
    small price to pay to go there in my opinion, tape me up and get me a
  8. psychoraven28
    has anyone gone to the restaurant "the Wave" at the comtemporary hotel? just curious on how it is.
  9. firemedic
    Nah, never been. Really never knew it existed, honestly.
  10. psychoraven28
    yeah its new from what i understand....
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