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  1. prshell
    I'd love to join as a Disney Mom and a Disney Grandma "Oma"! 1 daughter, and 3 grandbabies -- 4, 3, 18 months!!
  2. heatherhy01
    This group is perfect for me, I love taking the kids to Disney.
  3. Chattycathy228
    Hello All! I just love Disney and I'm a Mom of three Grown Daughters AND 7 Grandchildren...We have been talking about taking the Grandchildren to Disney Soon. can't wait
  4. cindymouse6
    New to this site and joining my first group! Look forward to sharing info with the girlies --- 4 kids 7-15yo and DVC member, so we come A LOT. bringing the rv down for the first time to the Fort in April...
  5. akur
    I can't wait to take my twins (now 5) back to WDW now that we are here. Last time they went they were 18 months, and they do not remember much.
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