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  1. BamaJenn
    Just starting this one up but come on in, the water's fine!!
  2. Keasmom
    Yeah, it worked.
  3. butlers
    ohhhh, Am I in... Am I in.... What's crackin girlies
  4. HauntedGabe
    I so accept the honor. Does it count if I'm trying unsuccessfully to push the eldest child, DS nearly 21 from the nest and truly failing? He loves the Momma and isn't going to ever leave.
  5. disneydreamer98
    Oh no! You invited Deb? The restaining order I have against her states she must not come within 100 yards of me....does that include posting?
  6. disneydame2004
    Thanks for the invite! Count me in!
  7. disneydarling
    Yay - great group idea!
  8. Chrissy&Tayen
    awesome! count me in
  9. Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell
    Still working on the whole take your kids to WDW but I am well on my way!
  10. minniesmh
    Thanks for the invite!! I loved taking my DD to Disney and will love it each time we go back!!
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