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  1. glistensound2
    Greets, feel free to share your design background / experience / expertise with links to your portfolio work.
  2. glistensound2
    -Various concert and multimedia event staging crews

    -BFA From Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts (Focus on faux aged / worn artifacts and objects)

    -Special events coordination assistance @ museum of fine arts

    -Volunteer set construction and lighting for community theater

    -Writing and production of original children's Christmas audio CDs

    -Itinerant music (Writing, recording, performing)

    -Youth convention set building, lighting, multimedia design

    -Web design for newspaper and radio

    -Interactive Flash web advertising

    -Professional fine art photography
  3. goofy393
    Hello, AKA Bill, mechanical design engineer, 32 years experience. BSME Drexel U., MEIE Penn State.

    - First visited WDW in 1980 at age of 26 (one of my few regrets-that I couldn't go sooner).

    - Best WDW Experience(s): being 'blown away' with awe 1st time I saw Spaceship Earth in '82, and completing the 2009 Goofy Chalenge.

    - Worked in many varied industries building machinery that sold as the company's product.

    - Helped out for 8 years in all backstage and technical areas in a community theatre group.

    - Served 10 years as lead designer, engineer, technician, etc. for annual Haunted House project with area Jaycees chapter.

    - Hobbyist involved with audio, video, electronics, computers, home improvement, anything technical.

    - Received call from WDI while training for 2006 WDW Marathon. went thru 3 phone in 4 weeks interviews before they stopped. You can imagine what was going thru my head while training, anticipating the next call ! Still hoping some day to join the team !
  4. glistensound2
    Wow Goofy, I wish you the best and hope that magic call does come.

    Found out yesterday the agency I work for is laying everyone off in two weeks so I wouldn't mind a magic call myself!
  5. dmosher626
    Hey All!
    Darren here..
    -WDW Cast Member (many many years ago)
    -Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Multimedia and Film
    -Certification as a Special Effects and Makeup Engineer
    -2 Years on makeup and prop studio at Universal
    -10 years as a Contractor: Designer/Builder for film and Television (various shows)
    -3 Years working as Special Weapons and Props for Weta Workshop (Prince Caspian, Avatar, District 9, etc)
    -Recently Employed by Weta Digital and Freelance as a Makeup/Props and Special Weapons Engineer

    Currently building a "Disney Villains" working miniature ride... just because.
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