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Skippers who don't do anything

  1. Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell
    I am up for not doing anything.
  2. albino_pygmy
    Awsome, glad you can join this club where we do, uh, nothing. Don't worry though, I'll find something to keep us entertained while we don't do anything, but then we'll be doing something? I don't want to think about it. If you need me, I'll be in the corner twiddling my thumbs
  3. disney fanatic
    During my last trip I had an awesome Skipper named Nick. Now, I'm not sure how many skippers there are named Nick, but he was one of the most entertaining skippers my family and I have ever have! Know of him?
  4. albino_pygmy
    Can't say I know Nick, sorry. Anyways, thanks for joining the club! I'll have somethingi for us to do while we're doing nothing soon, for now just twiddle your thumbs
  5. disney fanatic
    No problem. You'll probably run into him one day. Your pictures are keeping me occupied. Each time I look at the elephant picture I can just swear that I'm about to get hit with water. Maybe next time I look at it...
  6. KingJamesUT
    After that post awhile back I had to join this group.
  7. albino_pygmy
    Alrighty guys, I have some pretty cool powerpoint games at my site that I think you'd like to check out, including The Great Mouse Adventure, where you guide your mouse through a series of mazes and obstacles to try to get to the end. Good Luck and have fun!
  8. runner2disney
  9. BamaJenn
    I excel at doing NOTHING!! This is soooo the group for me.
  10. albino_pygmy
    Hey hey, glad you can join! I think everyone is capable of doing nothing and should join, but I think the whole joining process filling out all those applications and waivers for this silly club just scared them away and they sat around and did nothing anyways. Oh well, their loss :P
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