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  1. tripletinx3
    Im 15 and ive been going to the world since i was about 2 and have gone about once a year. (Once my mom let me miss enough school to go 3 times in 1 year!!) My next trip is only days away and im so excited! I <3 WDW!!!
  2. voyageofariel
    I love Disney World!!! I'm only 14 and I have been there 18 times already!!! Anybody here going to on the WDW Radio Cruise?

  3. mrsdonaldduck
    i'm marissa and i live about an hour and a half away XD my friends call me the disney nut
  4. Mickey's my man
    you're soo lucky you live soo close to Disney
  5. Minniegirl1995
    Hi! I'm 15 and my name is Marisa. I love Disney and an absolute fanatic. I hope to become a graphic designer for disney.
  6. Minniegirl1995
    I'm sorry I posted twice. anyway, were not going to Disney until 2011. I'm very excited for the 2011 trip!
  7. Rachelbythebook
    Hey, I'm Rachel, I'm 18, and I am headed to college. My dad and I have just started planning our trip together for my graduation gift. I am soo excited!
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