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  1. Delia
    Hey every one I'm 15 and I have been in Disney World about 5 times already and I think is an amazing experience. I'm latina and it was just a wonderfull thing to come out the island and just go there for the first time out of the well I made this group to comunicate with other teen to talk about their experience...(my english isn't that great so any erros feel free to correct

    this group will be awsome for us to act like kids....and not teens....
  2. disney_freak
    I just turned 16 but I don't act like it. Disney is my 3rd home (1st my real home, 2nd my grandparents house)
    I have gone every year (at least 1 maybe 2 times a year) since I was 3 months so you can try to do the math.
    and I'm about 3hrs from WDW if I drive and that includes the stops to shop and eat.
    If anyone has any questions about WDW or anything Disney I can help (maybe)
  3. StephlovesWDW
    How come mobody posts any topics?
  4. DisneyGal04
    Hey! I'm Jessica!
    I'm 18 but I still consider myself a teen (eighteen) =D
    I love Disney World!! xD
  5. Joe McKendricks
    Hey Im Joe im 15 And i Love all things disney any body here interested in becoming a imagineer
  6. skybluemilk
    Hey im 13 and i love wdw i go almost every year and im excited to go this year i have gone twice i live in OHIO
  7. plutopal1480
    plutopal1480 18, but I'm a teenager. :P I'm doing the Disney College Program, so yeah- I love Disney!
  8. Jennings
    I'm Jennings I'm 13 and I am obsessed with Disney!
  9. nicks_ahoy
    I'm Nick, 16 and, in my 2 and a half years on these boards, haven't noticed groups until now. Love all things Disney and hope to be an Imagineer some day.
  10. DISNEYmania96
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