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Guests with Special Needs Discuss WDW with Disabilities in the Vacation Planning forums; anyone check out this book? WALT DISNEY WORLD - PLANNING GUIDE FOR THOSE HEALTH ISSUES, SPECIAL NEEDS, DISABILITES, HANDICAPS...
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    WDW with Disabilities


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    Re: WDW with Disabilities

    I will have to see about getting the book only because it is hard for me to purchase stuff online due to being on a cash only spending system,,,but I did join their email list.

    It will be interesting for me to see what they are going to be offering in terms of information as I have been intersted in starting a smilar type website of mine for quite some time now.

    As I get more aquanted with their website I'll let you know what I think :P


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    Re: WDW with Disabilities

    I used to be at another Disney site and it was given very bad reviews. I boght the book and regret buying it as I have learned more online than with that book.

    I used to have lots of posts at another site and each time I ate a meal or did a ride I looked at the many things that different people experience. The book is based on his and his wife's opinions and does not take into consideration a lot of things.

    Restaurant Marrakesh does not mention that it is not Disney owned or operated and is among the worst restaurants for people with special diets. One person reported online as having gone there with the same allergies mentioned each time. She was handed a white print out with everything but one dish crossed off and each time a different dish.

    With Marrakesh the book says "We have heard the dining room gets warm" but I want the facts not hearsay. Is the rumors of a warm room from grumpy complainers or is it based on facts such as temporary climate control issues, time of day, time of year, and large crowds.

    For Main Street Vehicles you see:
    Caution: Pain. For the horse car only - Fear of animals, allergies, must walk up and down steps.
    Actually I have never heard of any complaints of pain on those rides. All the vehicles require stepping up and transferring. Their instructions for the disabled is wrong. A person who cannot walk will be allowed a round trip usually and then return to transfer. I would caution persons with SID/SPD sensory issues that some of the rides have clanging bells.

    Overall I would not recommend this book as it is a waste of money and you could do better with the passporter disabled book.
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