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Guests with Special Needs Discuss Make A Wish for JoJo Dabacco in the Vacation Planning forums; Today I had a great experience with JoJo Dabacco, a Make-A-Wish child and his family. I am a retired Marine Cobra pilot and work at Marine Corps Air Station New ...
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    Make A Wish for JoJo Dabacco

    Today I had a great experience with JoJo Dabacco, a Make-A-Wish child and his family. I am a retired Marine Cobra pilot and work at Marine Corps Air Station New River, NC as a flight simulator instructor for USMC AH-1W Cobra Pilots.

    JoJo has terminal skeletal cancer and the doctors feel that he only has a few months left to live. JoJo's dad is a former Marine and asked if the Air Station and neighbor Camp Lejeune could provide a Marine experience for his son. Yesterday, JoJo and his family rode tanks, armored vehicles, and participated in other Marine training at Camp Lejeune. Today, JoJo toured some of the aircraft then came by the simulator to fly the Cobra. We set him up with plenty of targets and rockets. He, and his family, had a great time. It sure was great to be a part of the visit and your heart just goes out to this poor boy. Except for no hair, you would never know he had anything wrong as he was excited and energetic about everything.

    It was no trip to WDW, but it was a great experience for the family. Please keep JoJo and his family in your prayers.

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    Re: Make A Wish for JoJo Dabacco


    Thanks for sharing this story!!!

    And I dont care that it wasnt totally Disney related!!!!

    Make A Wish (MAW) does GREAT stuff for kids and families living with life threatening illnesses...and if a MAW child wishes to hang out with Marines...who am I or anybody else to judge that wish one way or another.

    And here is a fact that will make your story a Disney related story! 8(

    When I lived in Orlando, I was a volunteer for the Central and Northern Florida Chapter of MAW. During my time as a volunteer I was given the honor to grant one wish...Sweet Anna went on a Disney Cruise with her family...which was really cool that was what she wanted because I just got done with my Disney Cruise when I met Anna and her family 8(

    After granting Anna's wish, I went on to being a MAW greeter at the Orlando International Airport. This volunteer experience was one that only came with volunteering with Central/Northern Florida chapter due to how many Wish Childern wish to go to Disney World or on a Disney Cruise. I greatly enjoyed being a greeter and my time volunteering in that capacity is one that I will never forget 8(

    Disney Worldwide Outreach - Compassion - Wish Granting

    This link is an article on Disney's wish granting endeavors which include their work with Make A Wish.

    I am very proud my time with the of the Make A Wish organization nand would be more than happy to share more stories and answer any questions anybody would have about Make A Wish 8(

    TTFN 8(
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