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Guests with Special Needs Discuss Typhoon Lagoon and goggles in the Vacation Planning forums; First I want to tell you that I am twenty two years old and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, ADHD and Severe Anxiety. I also have a few developmental delays ...
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    Typhoon Lagoon and goggles

    First I want to tell you that I am twenty two years old and diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, ADHD and Severe Anxiety. I also have a few developmental delays and the mind of an eleven year old... its actually a lot worse offline than what you see online.

    So about my question, I was wondering about the rules for Typhoon Lagoon and goggles. I have a huge hypersensitivity of water getting in my eyes and knows because of chlorine and also a fear of drowning. I don't like life jackets because they feel weird on my skin and upper body and I was wondering if they would allow the snorkeling kind of goggles to accommodate this need. I know for the pools they don't mind but I mean if I want to go on slides and stuff. I have before and always had sensory concerns with water in my eyes and my nose.

    I tend to hate swimming or doing anything without goggles when chlorine is involved. It irritates my eyes and nose greatly. So I was only wondering if anyone knows about this and if they would allow it.

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    Re: Typhoon Lagoon and goggles

    I have two now adult children that were competition swimmers. Both still work in the Aqua world. Chlorine bugs just about everyone's eyes so you are not alone there! Competition swimmers always wear goggles.

    May I first suggest you actually try a pair of competition goggles. They adjust well by the strap in the back. Available online or at Dicks, Sports Authority. A pair between $15-$20 will not leak when new. You can even adjust them at home in a sink or bathtub until you get the right seal around your eyes. Online from the Life Guard store and Keifer they also have goggles that go to one click of a prescription eye glasses. They run approximately $20. Use a swimming nose pug for the nose issue, it is much safer on the slides. A snorkel mask will not stay on when you enter the water.

    Now onto your more specific question. They tend not to allow scuba type masks on slides because if you bang into anything with force the mask could really cause serious injury to you or others. Goggles of the competition type are at times allowed but are not encouraged for the same reason.

    Disney accommodates people with disabilities with great care. When you arrive at the water park go first to guest relations. You or a family member can explain the disability and they may allow you to use competition goggles. Disney through guest relations have a way to flag their employees of a special issue that other guests would not be aware of. The water parks years ago use to have a wrist band that the life guards would notice and flag the special circumstance to their attention.

    So there is my advice, talk to Guest Relations prior to entering the water.
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