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Hidden Mickeys Discuss meet the robinsons HM in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; i was watching the preview and i saw this!! am i correct?...
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    meet the robinsons HM

    i was watching the preview and i saw this!!
    am i correct?
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    idk it looks a lot like one good eyes
    the only 18 year old boy who like disney more than girls......... nvm disney is a close 2nd

    I think back on why i am so strange now i know why .... I blame Disney but i still love it

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    No those are just the first three Hurricanes to hit Florida in 2004.

    Not sure. They are arranged to make you think that, but they are also all the same size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrendyMagic View Post
    No those are just the first three Hurricanes to hit Florida in 2004. kinda looks like it could be.... *shrug* maybe?

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    Could Be
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    Close enough for me! It's the hidden gems like that, that adds to the fun in watching the movies over and over again.

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