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Hidden Mickeys Discuss Confirmations of Hidden Mickeys in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Hey all, me and Catherine just got back from Walt Disney World on Thursday, but so many things transpired, so I was unable to post this. Ever wonder about your ...
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    Confirmations of Hidden Mickeys

    Hey all, me and Catherine just got back from Walt Disney World on Thursday, but so many things transpired, so I was unable to post this.

    Ever wonder about your hidden Mickey submissions??? Ever wonder what actions are taken next to confirm or deny the HM's?
    Ever wonder why for stretches at a time, no new updates are made??

    Well, me and Catherine had the privilege, and distinct honor of meeting Steven Barrett, and having lunch with him. I saw a few emails, HM sighting submissions, and he asked us for our help in locating them. 3 of them were from Pirates of the Carribean ride. We searched high and low, looked in eery direction, and strained our eyes to see what the others did. Along the queue line, Steven was reading the emails for descriptions and landmarks. One of the harder ones we searched for was from a man describing a room with two cannons on the left side of the room. Looking back, on the stone arches that form the next doorway, there was where the hidden mickey was supposed to be at, but we saw nothing. We searched high and low, and yet nothing. We did, however, get a hidden mickey tour of the ride. The imagineers outdid themselves on some of them, my favorite one was the 2 cats, on the right hand side of the boat, after the cannonball firing scene. The cat sitting on the higher barrel, his shadow that he casts upon the wall behind him shows a hidden mickey. Some of them, I saw, and others, I didn't see, even when Steve was telling me where to look. WE DID however, find a hidden mickey in the image of Davey Jones in the waterfall. On the top part of his pirate hat, smack dab in the middle, is a hidden mickey. The problem is the smoky image, at certain times, distorts the said image, and makes it nearly impossible to spot. Make sure you record the image until you pass through it. You then play it back, SLOWLY, and you will see it. Me, Catherine and Steve were in the front row, and we all video taped it.

    Anyway, as we confirmed it, Steve wrote notes and jotted some stuff down. He explained to me, that, first, his main job is that of a doctor in the emergency room.. He doesn't have much time, and waits in between trips, if possible, to collect a few submissions. He then checks the information board, goes to the attraction in question with the shortest wait time (no fastpass for him) and waited throughout the queue line. He waited a few times as me and Catherine saw some cast members with nice pins, but other than that, we encountered a few. He takes pictures at different angles. While walking around, we entered a small shop selling cameras and film. In the glass case, was a "treasure map." There was an outline of a hidden mickey which we found, as well as, 3 rocks that were partially hidden under the map. Another few notes, pictures of the rocks and a picture to go along with the building for reference. His job is difficult. It is very hard to find them, and I was going nuts quite a few times. I praise Mr. Barrett for what he is doing. He let it be known that he doesn't get all that much time to meet with fans, and he did this as a favor since we have been sending in good submissions. He is a brilliant man, and a wealth of knowledge to whomever would like to learn. Now, with the knowledge that was handed down to me, during my trip, I went on a scavenger hunt of all the mickeys I could find, and I did fairly well.

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    Sounds like a whole new way to look att the world
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Just got back a couple of days ago from WDW trip ( July 10th - 17th )!!! The last trip ( July 2004 ) I don't even think I knew what a " Hidden Mickey " was, but this time I was a little more prepared. Three that I can remember off the top of my head were; the amplifier cords at RnRC, the Mickey-eared viking at Maelstrom and the platters on the door of the shop at the front of the Morocco pavillion. Those were fun!
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