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Hidden Mickeys Discuss Hidden Baloo at AK in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; disney just thinks of everything don't they!...
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    disney just thinks of everything don't they!

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    I found this one on my last trip, without even knowing about it before hand (ok, that's not entirely the truth... I had heard about it from this thread, and knew what it looked like from the picture, but I honestly never read your description of the location because I'm not familiar enough with AK to have really made sense of your description). I was in Africa and trying to find the quickest route to Asia and stepped into that courtyard trying to bypass some traffic at the corner. it was early in the morning (like 9:15ish), and the curtains were pulled back already so I didn't have to do any snooping, and so Baloo was just out and exposed already. I just happened to look down at the wall and spotted it and thought to myself, "I just saw that on DWT this past week!" it really was pretty neat to have found it without knowing where to look.
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    I'm glad you found it! It's pretty cool!
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    It's definitely a Hidden Baloo. At least, the cast members at AK call it one, and it looks convincing to me! We usually don't know if a Hidden Character is purposeful or not, because the Imagineers or CM's don't keep a decent list of purposeful Hidden Mickeys. They just put them there, and it's up to us to find them!

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    I agree it's totally Baloo. Also, the characters King Louie & Baloo are ALWAYS greeting guests from that archway right next to it (facing the walk to Asia) ... it must be a sign!

    - Clara

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