I thought this might be fun to think about where we would put a Hidden Mickey if we were Imagineers. Tell us what park or ride you'd hide one, describe what it would look like and share why you chose what you did. And it should be a classic Mickey, not a decor Mickey and not some really obvious one like mouse ears on Madam Leota's head!

I'll start:

*Where - Buzz Lightyear's space Ranger spin at Magic Kingdom

*What it would look like - It could be 3 targets arranged in the shape of a classic 3 circle Mickey. With the "head" target being larger of course than the 2 "ear" targets. This could be located near the volcano on the wall or even behind Zurg. (A few extra bonus points for hitting one or all three of them?)

*Why - This is a great ride that's perfect for all ages. It's fun, interactive, and it's already got some great Hidden Mickeys in and around the the ride.

Here are some pics I submitted to Steve Barrett at his Hidden Mickey website: www.hiddenmickeysguide.com


And feel free to send me a private message through this website if you want to talk about Hidden Mickeys! I'd love to hear from any of you!