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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Does anyone else miss the OLD Epcot? in the I Remember... forums; I recently returned from a WDW trip (3/24-3/29) and was thinking about how sad Epcot is now. I remember visiting in the 1990s and the many 'science' and 'educational' rides ...
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    Does anyone else miss the OLD Epcot?

    I recently returned from a WDW trip (3/24-3/29) and was thinking about how sad Epcot is now. I remember visiting in the 1990s and the many 'science' and 'educational' rides it had to offer, like Horizons, World of Motion, Food Rocks, etc....I was really too young to appreciate and enjoy WOM and Horizons, but after watching the videos on YouTube and remembering them, I wish they were still there so I could really expierence them and appreciate them.

    Does anyone miss the strictly 'science and future' theme Epcot was once famous for? Seems like they're going more for thrill rides in place of the more educational ones (Soarin/Food Rocks, Mission: SPACE/Horizons, Test Track/World of Motion, etc. They've closed Wonders of Life down almost entirely now. It's a wonder Spaceship Earth is still in existance, considering the way the other two similar rides (Horizons and WOM) have gone. I HATE thrill rides, more a fan of the slow moving ones myself. That's what made Epcot so nice to me.

    I hope when WoL eventually closes for good, they put something decent there - a more updated version of Horizons would be nice.

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    I'm with ya on this one for sure.

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    1000% with you on this. I've posted numerous threads on this site about the different rides and attractions that have closed and been replaced or refurbed to something entirely different. Unfortunately the attractions that were once deemed "edutainment" are slowly being phased out. People want more thrills. I disagree with that line of thinking personally and have angered many people both on these boards and in my persona life by saying "If you want thrills, go to Universal. If you want a family experience, go to Disney." I hate the fact that there is so much now at Epcot that I can't ride because I have a child. I dread the day he begs and cries and pitches a fit because he's not tall enough. Ahhh... the good old days.
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    I agree totally as well. Disney is really about the atmosphere. It's important to keep Walt's vision alive and stick with original plans and such.

    I also, was very young when World of Motion and Horizons were taken out. I loved Food Rocks but I have never been to Wonders of Life. I always regret if I couldn't go on a ride and they take it out - because everyone loves them and I feel like i missed out
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    i gotta agree too....i mean the new figment is absolutely terrible....i really miss horizons and WoM...i do go on mission space but it's not the same since my parents don't go on it...the nice thing about epcot was that my family could go on everything was a nice relaxing family oriented park...we could stroll around and the atmosphere was just different.

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    While I understand the need for Disney to have thrill rides to attract new visitors, I too miss the old EPCOT. With all the propery Disney has, I don't understand why they can't build some thrill rides while incorporating the other rides around them somehow.

    I do like the new Nemo attraction at the Living Seas. After we rode it the first time, I commented that it was nice to have a new attraction that kids could ride on with their Grandparents.

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    A friend and I were talking about this when we were eating lunch at the Rose and Crown in the UK. We both agreed that we missed some of the things old Epcot had to offer. But there are many things to keep in mind. Like we are the people who would miss a great nostalgic ride, and even get riled up at its removal.
    But I think one thing many people forget is that Walt wanted Disney to be ever changing. Always something new to explore and enjoy. And if we didn't have new projects, there would not be much work for the amazing Imagineers. I also think Epcot is kinda still retaining the theme to a point. We again may love the old science EPCOT Center and want much of it to stay the same forever, but we are not where they make the majority of their money. The tourist family there for the week is where they make the most. And if Epcot was still EPCOT Center, it would not have the same draw. When my friend and I were talking over our Cottage Pie (YUM!), we noticed how much life Soarin' has brought The Land! Even the change into a more healthy and modern food court! I remember never liking much of The Land when I was younger. And you can still find that sense of Discovery, Science, Learning and such at Epcot. My examples?
    Mission: Space- There is so much about space history and innovation in the queue line, that its amazing! You can also get things from the ride itself. Such as how long it would take to travel to Mars, finding out that there are asteroids in the area, using the wings to glide shows there is an atmosphere and such.
    Soarin'- Just "discovery" of the landscape of California and its diversity. And just marveling at its beauty and the technology that allows the ride to be as great as it is.

    So you can still find that feeling of learning and discovery in Epcot. Its just not shown in the way it was in the past. Its like a math teacher teaching by just using the board or using projects and objects to help teach. And I think the changes in Epcot have brought more youthful visitors as well.

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    I don't have strong ties to the original Epcot. Maybe it's because I didn't go as often to WDW years ago as I have recently and my memory is so bad that I don't remember what is no longer there. I agree with Nick when he wrote that he believes that Walt Disney meant all of WDW to be ever changing and current. Yes, there is plenty of land, but you also don't want the parks to be so spread out that you can't walk from one end to the other. Besides, the cost of keeping every original ride, and still add to the parks to keep people's interest, would be very expensive. Building a ride is one thing, but then there's the cost to keep it looking good as well as paying cast members to run it. I also think that those of us who experienced original attractions as a child, have nostalgic memories of those rides. They were aimed at visitors, at that place and time, in history. Today's young visitors come to the parks with computer game experiences and modern communication skills that may not be very impressed with exhibits that held our attention. Epcot and WDW still have a variety of attractions for all age groups and interests. I think it's still a family vacation destination, but my husband and I have had some great visits just going by ourselves.
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    Oh you BET I do!!! (just listen to the podcast to find out and hear how MUCH!)
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    I think most would agree that the old EPCOT was very enjoyable for everyone. I miss the old Living Seas more than anything. I do hope Disney will go back to the science and education of tomorrow theme EPCOT used to have. I highly doubt spaceship earth will ever close, plus it is currently going through an update/refurbishment.... the first phase of the update has just been completed....

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    I just miss Cranium comand

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    I couldn't agree more. Although I like Test Track and Mission Space, I would take back Horizons and World of Motion in a second.

    Also, the old Imagination ride............

    I haven't ridden the new Nemo ride so I'll reserve judgement on that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zar333 View Post
    I just miss Cranium comand
    Cranium Command is still there.
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    As anyone who has seen my rants before knows, I'm another 'old-school' Epcot advocate (after my last visit, Nemo immediately earned the pole position on my poopy list).

    Thankfully, it seems to me that the World Showcase area, my favorite place on the Disney acres, is still more or less the same as it ever was. Here's hoping that trend continues.

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    100% favorite ride was horizons...i would ride that over and over again. Pretty much all my favorite rides are gone except for spaceship earth so im hoping those new changes talked about are not too much of a change!

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