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Poll: Which one of these Future World attractions would you like to see come back?

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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss If you could bring back one of these Epcot attractions... in the I Remember... forums; That's a tough choice. I remember all of them except Food Rocks. My top two choices would probably be Journey Into Imagination and Living Seas....
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    That's a tough choice. I remember all of them except Food Rocks. My top two choices would probably be Journey Into Imagination and Living Seas.

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    I agree touch choices... Ok correct my meory if I am wrong which i know I am... memory is not working that right anymore... with Horizons it is still bits and pieces excisting in the park.. just like what was the previous poster had mention that some are being use in Spacechip earth and the tune from carousel of progress is also a bit part from Horizons... am i remembering this right ???

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    I would love to see the original Journey Into the Imagination back. I just remember that ride so clearly having a large affect on me as a kid. I had a figment hat with the horns, and a figment plush doll.

    Now not so much, but I did miss the first time they refurbished the attraction, and I heard that it was awful.

    I don't think I saw food rocks, but i do remember the Kitchen cabaret (which I think was in the same space).
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    Definately Horizons!!! Mission space is alright, but Horizons is 10 times better.
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    I think that Horizons and Journey into Imagination would have to come back. It is impossible to pick between the two.
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    i want to bring back the Journey into Imagination! I wish to see Dreamfinder and Figment again.

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    Horizens, but a close second for me is the World of Motion. I loved the Audio-Animatronics in that one.

    I've got an idea. If Disney doesn't want to bring Horizens back at Epcot, why not tear down the Speedway over at Tomorrowland and build it there! It would be a great fit and driving a car in a circle doesn't have anything to do with the future. This isn't Disneyland 1955 anymore!
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    horizons was good it should have been updated and moved rather than removed

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    I'm not crazy about any of the new EPCOT rides. I liked it the way it was. EPCOT is not as fun as it used to be. Beer sales is about all it has going for it now.

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    Hey, good poll!

    I voted for Horizons. And I think it's wonderful so many other people did too!
    -Yeah, I'm kind of bummed they think the public wants thrill rides.
    -Though I did like Soarin' at Disneyland, and I think it's at The Land Pavilion now.

    But Horizons was superb. I have a CD with what must be some of the original EPCOT music on it, and there's a bit called "Space" from Horizons. Less than a minute long. But it thrills me every time I listen to it. Sends chills down my back.
    -That was such a cool point of the ride. Going from deep under sea to the twinkling stars of space, with those huge stations hanging there, rotating.
    -And choosing your ending was a lot of fun too. Of course I rode it three times to see each ending. I liked the space one best.

    Maybe Walt Disney World can open a Fifth Park called The Land That Time Forgot or something, and put everything back there. The old Tiki Room. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Horizons. World of Motion.


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    This may be old news to you WDW veterans and E-Ticket holders, but it astounded me.

    I found on YouTube entire attractions, fifteen-twenty minutes long.
    -And I was absolutely THRILLED to find a superb Horizons "Tru-2-Ride Tribute." It was in three parts, by someone named "century3horizons," and it had great sound and good video.
    -I never would have even thought to look there if it wasn't for this Topic. Thanks a bunch!
    -Here's the link: I hope it works!:
    YouTube - Horizons True-To-Ride Tribute Pt 1

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    definitley Horizons. I havent gotten over that being gone When I went in 1998, I went on Horizons about 10 times LOL

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    I voted for Horizons. I never saw it but i have heard so much about and wish that i had seen it.
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    It's a close toss up for me between Journey and Horizons, but I'd have to go with Horizons. I'd love to see more of those 80's dark ride experience that Epcot Center was so known for during it's first few years. These rides were amazing, and they exhibited some wonderful uses of Audio-Animatronics. Now, all we have left is Spaceship Earth, which is a perfect example, but I'd like to see more.

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    HORIZONS!!!! Hands down! It used to be my favorite ride! I still watch it on youtube every now and then when feeling nostalgic.

    After that, I would say World of Motion - though I like Test Track, I really miss WoM too!
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