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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Most emotional WDW moment in the I Remember... forums; Wow, all these stories are making me cry. One emotional moment was when I went with my friend and my parents, We were staying at POR river side and riding ...
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    Wow, all these stories are making me cry. One emotional moment was when I went with my friend and my parents, We were staying at POR river side and riding the bus back to the hotel and my friend told me "I've had a great time and Im sorry Im not talking that much but the last time I was here was a few months before my mother passed away." That made me so sad, her mom passed when she was in grade school so it was very emotional for the both of us. Just a few days after that we got on a Disney Cruise! And another moment is the last time we went we were at MK and were watching Wishes and I could not help but think of my neighboors that had gotten killed a few years earlier, I just cried and cried to think of how those little boys would never get to see WDW or have any happy memories ever again. Im sorry, its so dark moments but those where the most emotional.
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    my most emotional time

    On Sunday September 25, 2005 My friend Steffy and I started out second day with a wonderful breakfast at Chef Mickeys. We did the napkin twirl. Took pictures of our food, the characters and bought the Special Picture package. Then we went to Epcot and out front saw characters and got pictures. I am told I was running to see the characters, but i remember just skipping to see them!!!!! We then headed to ride Soaring. I am a mush and cry all the time. The ride was so intense I cried the whole time. We immediately got fast passes and went on my crusade for a watch strap.

    I have had this Tinkerbell watch that my children bought me for my 50th birthday. I have worn it every day. I even wore it to oldest DS's and DD's weddings. After 5 years, the band was getting very worn and I was afraid I would lose it during our trip.

    We went into Mouse Gears and I went up to Cast Member Mario and asked him if he had any watch bands. I explained my problem and that I had spent about 4 months looking for a band with no luck. He at first was not sure he could help me. I told him that I would take any band, even with gold closures instead of silver.

    He went in the back and came out with a box of old watches, bands and other things you would find in a local jewelry store. After looking at the bands, SURPRISE he found a black one and it really looked like it would fit. Then he goes in the back again and came out with a box of tools and I swear he brought out a jewelers light. He proceeded to take it apart, sometimes having trouble because of 5 years of my wearing it every day, it had a mind of its own.

    By time he was done, I was crying because I was so very happy. I asked him if his manager was there so I could tell him about what had happened. We went in search of Brad and found him and as I was starting to tell him about Mario's kindness, of course I was crying again. Brad and Kristen were very moved by my story and then they noticed our birthday pins. We were given birthday wishes and even received a Birthday Call from Goofy We asked Brad about finding a backpack with a pocket for our cell phone. He said not with Tinkerbell but when he showed me the one with Mickey, I decided to buy it. We had a few other purchases and asked if they could be delivered to our resort along with our Chef Mickey pictures. We thanked everyone again and went off to ride Test Track and Soaring again. This time I didn't cry but really enjoyed all the things I missed the first time I rode it.

    Fast forward two days and after a very loooonnnng day, we picked up our purchases and took them back to the room. I was getting things ready to go do laundry and we noticed the bag was a little heavier and looked in it and saw that they had put our Chef Mickey pictures in frames. Well, the tears flowed again and I finally went to do the laundry. Ten minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Steffy asking what I was doing. I told her I was waiting to put in the fabric softener. Next thing I know she is there with a card, two kleenex and she told me that she could not cry alone. Brad, Kristen and Mario had signed a birthday card, given us Tinkerbell birthday pins and on the back of his business card he wrote, "Hope you will not mind that we put your pictures in frames to really remember your day."

    After crying some more, we really took the time to look at the pins, frames and the card. I made sure that I wrote an email to Brad thanking him for everyone's kindness. That was the best pixie dust one could ever receive.

    Fast forward to my next two trips. I still cry when I ride soaring.

    The last time I was in the World--October 18th to October 23, I was able to meet Art the greeter at The Beach Club Resort. The man is just wonderful, very gracious. I made my very first trade with him. He even surprised me with a Tinkerbell pin that I just love. I was able to pay it forward with a Tinkerbell pin and that was so very moving. The young man I gave it to was so very surprised, but he understood the importance of receiving the pin.

    Each trip is emotional because I am in my happy place.

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    I've posted this on another thread but my most emotional moment was on the monorail ride into MK as you pass through the Contemporary. I made certain we got into the first car and I was holding my two little girls in my arms. Once they saw the Castle through the windows they started pointing and screaming. I was wearing my sunglasses so no one saw my tears but I was a wreck. It was one of those things that I will remember forever.

    My oldest daughters most emotional moment was when she was 5 and we were getting on Star Tours. She is small for her age and they wouldn't let her in to ride with me. She began crying and we couldn't get her to stop. My wife knew I wanted to ride it really bad so she told me I had to go or I'd regret it. I remember the doors closing and hearing my baby crying how much she wanted her daddy.

    My second most emotional moment was riding Soarin' with my dad and wife. My dad almost died a few years back from blood clots. he has suffer from exhaustion and the heat is rough on him. Once the ride started I looked at him and for a few minutes he looked like he used to, full of life and adventure! I love the magic of WDW!!!!!
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    ^Both of these posts are very touching.

    Ohiodad, yes there is nothing like seeing the castle. It is so beautiful and dramatic and children make it magical.

    Tinker1bell, that is what makes the Disney CM's so wonderful. On our first trip, back in 1971, I was 7 and my younger sister was 6. She had a special little purse that she carried and she lost it while we were there. We looked for it she cried. We went home. Two weeks later, my Mom went to the mailbox and pulled out an odd shaped package. Inside was my sister's purse with a note from a CM explaining that it had been turned in to guest relations and they had discovered Heidi's name and address inside and decided to mail it to her. They also included some Mickey pictures and very nice Disney things to go with it.

    That's what a trip to Disney is all about.

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    I've never had a truly emotional moment there, but my mom did. Peter Pan's Flight is her favorite attraction. On our last trip (6 days in the park), she never managed to ride it. On our last night there, she finally had time, but the wait was really, really long. She went up to the cast member who was standing outside the attraction and asked if the wait was as long as it looked. The cast member replied that it was, but asked my mom how many people were in her party. She said there were two. With no hesitation, the cast member took two Fastpasses out of her pocket, so my mom (and dad) were able to ride with little or no wait. My mom will never, ever forget that cast member.

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    Mine happened the last time I took my dance team to WDW.

    I had a kid whose parents had almost no $$. They had no way to afford the trip for her. I got my parents and DH's parents to chip in some money as this kiddo was a mutual student of ours. The principal paid the remainder of her trip.

    You could just see the joy of this girls face each and every park we went to. The last night there we were at MK watching Wishes.....she came up to me while we were watching the fireworks and gave me the most sincere hug ever and thanked me for making her wish come true.

    She is one of the best kiddos in the world and was genually thankfull for her "gift". She spent some of what little spending $$ she had to get our parents a thank you gift and made sure to write them and tell them what an amazing time she had.
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    ^That was a wonderful story. THank you for sharing.

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    wdw in July 4th, 2001, it was hot, a bit of rain & before sept 11th so that was the good ole days besides my old stompin ground in the 90's @ the happiest place on earth! happy memories for me. my niece was almost 1 (she's 8 now, the younger one is 4) we had a blast except I was unhappy cos I wanted 2 do my own thing. watchin any disney videos makes me smile, w/everything goin' on right now. I miss the good ole days

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    As I'm a new member Ive been going through these forums and this one has me crying! I just love that no matter what, WDW brings people together and just creates that magic!

    Mine was my first visit when i was 11 - leaving on the last day, having watched Spectromagic and then Fantasy in the Sky fireworks, we got the boat back to the TTC and I was inconsolable! I spent the entire trip across Seven Seas Lagoon with my head out of the window looking back in tears!

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    I think my emotional moment is always the same every year, when we stand in front of the castle on our first day or when we are leaving back to the airport via the magical express. I always cry...but I am going to try really hard not to this time considering the kids call me the baby.

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    I have a feeling my most emotional moment may change every trip. It's funny to read back on these and then wonder what our next most emotional moments may be.

    Obviously for me, mine happened last trip, standing in Japan watching Holiday Illuminations with the love of my life, as he brushed tears off my cheek.
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    When i was getting my spot for Dream Along with Mickey, I saw a mom and a dad with an older disabled (mentally) girl. I overheard the parents talking about how they saw the show already, but their daughter wanted to see it again, and they did. As i was watching the show, I also watched the expressions on the girl's face. I, as well as the person next to me started to tear up watching the joy that she experienced. I went over and briefly talked to the parents, and they said it was hard to bring her and take her around the parks, but it was so worth it at moments like this. I said something to them which i can't remember, but I think I made their day, and they made mine too.

    IllumiNations: ROE is also a very emotional experience for me, as well as how I always am terribly depressed when I have to leave, but it's not all bad, because I know I will be back someday.
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    My most emotional moment at Disney has to be when we are watching Wishes or Illuminations. I would stand watching it and cry then when I go home and listen to the songs from both of them I would cry my eyes out. An other emotional moment is on the last day of our trip at breakfast and down disney I am so happy but right when we get in to the car to make our 2 day drive home I cry for most of the first day. I cry A LOT (as you can tell )
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    One of my most emotional moments has not happened yet, but Im sure I'll have one when I see my daughters face take in the MK for the first time. But one of my other emotional moments came from watching Wishes on my honeymoon in April '04. I remember thinking that I hope that we are blessed with children and that someday we can bring them here. Well, needless to say 9 months later we had a beautiful baby girl. So, now that she is 4 we decided that it is time to show her the Magic!

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    My most emotional WDW moment is a very special one for me. I was 17 years old when it took place. When my parents divorced back in 94 my father and I planned a trip just him and I. We spent a week in Disney and had such and great time. That is when I became such a big fan. My father already was. After that trip I made a trip with my best friends family. Two years later they asked me to come again and of course said yes. Right before I left I told my father this stinks that we keep making trips without each other. He told me we would sometime soon. Didn't think much of it. The first day there my bestfriend and I were taking the Keys To The Kingdom Tour. When I checked in and was waiting for the tour to start my Father and Stepmother pop out and surprised me. My jaw hit the ground and I began to cry. The greatest thing about it was my bestfriends dad wanted my video camera to use while we were on the tour and got the whole thing on tape. They had made plans over the winter months and spent the week with us. I have never been so emotional in my entire life. Thanks Dad I love you and nothing will ever top that moment in my life..

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