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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Most emotional WDW moment in the I Remember... forums; My most emotional moment in disney replays everytime i go. I always get grouchy, sad on the last day of my vacation. I love wdw and im happy to have ...
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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    My most emotional moment in disney replays everytime i go. I always get grouchy, sad on the last day of my vacation. I love wdw and im happy to have been there, but i never want to pack, get in the car and face reality that i have to go home. i always get emotional towards the end of my vacation b/c i never ant to leave.

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    I have two emotional moments.

    First, seeing Cinderella Castle light up for the holidays. There was just something about it that amazed me. I just stode there with my sister and friend looking at me like I was a dork (which I am but that's besides the point). I took a bunch of pictures of it. Bought a throw blanket with it and an ordament.

    Second, I wasn't attualy there for this one but someone I know took her daughter, 4, and son, 6, to Disney for the first time this year. She was telling me all about the trip and her daughter's first time seeing Cinderella Castle. She just stood there shaking. I little kids reaction to Disney is just the best thing ever.

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    Quote Originally Posted by dznyfreak42 View Post
    For me my most emotional moment was at Epcot, i was wating for my sisters to get out of the bathroom, it was right ater the fireworks so everything was dark, it was our last day bc we bought 3 day passes, i was in canada sitting on some bench listening to some werid sad music just staring out into the night..

    My daughter met Ariel for the first time. She was about 3 years old and she has natural cherry red hair. When Ariel noticed my daughter's hair was the same color as her own, she just fawned over my daughter, touching her hair, helping her comb it, telling her that they must be sisters, etc. I had to walk out before the rest of my family from the tears that started coming out. She was a great Ariel. I'll always remember it.

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    everyone goes thru these lovely feelings (except leaving of course)

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    This is a great thread, I've gotten a little teary-eyed at reading a few.

    I have several great memories of going to the parks. I would say one of the most emotional for me was the first time I took the kids to Disney, it had also been my first time back in about 15 years. The sheer excitement of watching my kids take everything in, especially that first day riding the ferry across the lake and seeing the Magic Kingdom through their eyes was fantastic. I know have a family of 5 full of Disney maniacs, even my wife who was skeptical about the magic of WDW at first.

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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    I have a couple. They're not at WDW, but at Disneyland. The first was when we were sitting front and center for Fantasmic. I cried at the end of it, but had to wipe my tears away quickly, because I rarely cry.

    Then as I was walking down Main Street at night, I had my headphones in and was listening to "Ever Ever After" from Enchanted. It seemed to fit the moment and tears started welling up. I also cried when we left, because I hadn't felt so good in such a long time.

    Ever since then, whenever I watch a Disney movie, I'm bawling because I'm always so happy for the characters who get their happy endings. I used to never cry, but now I'm just a bawl-baby, and I love it!
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    Re: Most emotional WDW moment

    My most emotional Disney moment by a long shot was in November 2004. Watching Wishes from Tomorrowland standing behind my dad's wheelchair (he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and this was his last trip to WDW) wishing for that to not be his last trip to Walt Disney World. I cried through the whole show along with the rest of my family. My dad died 2 months later and that was the last fireworks show he ever saw at WDW. I still cry every time I hear the music from Wishes because it makes me remember that night and making the wish that I knew would never come true.

    On a happier note, emotional moment #2 was finding out in WDW that my brother's wife was going to have their first child (same trip as above moment) and that I would be her Godfather.

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