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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Own a piece of a WDW Attraction!!! in the I Remember... forums; Read all about it here!
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    Own a piece of a WDW Attraction!!!

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    There used to be tons of bulbs from the MSEP on Ebay with official boxes and forms.

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    I wanted to by the Haunted Mansion one & the 20k one. When I called the main street store to order it in the mail they told me that I couldn't. I told them that I have order things on the phone before with no problem. They told me that these pins had to be bought in WDW only.

    I tried the online Main street store & they don't have the either. I hoping they will have some of what I want in Dece, or I'll have to find a trader.

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    I have a Mr. Toad one of those, and a piece of the bumper!!

    Bring back Mr. Toad!!

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    I have a Dumbo pin with a piece of a banner or flag.

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