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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Any WDW or DL shows that have (or used to have) live music? in the I Remember... forums; I think I saw a clip of Disneymania in 1992 that had a live band as well as live vocals. I know for a fact that TARZAN ROCKS had a ...
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    Any WDW or DL shows that have (or used to have) live music?

    I think I saw a clip of Disneymania in 1992 that had a live band as well as live vocals.
    I know for a fact that TARZAN ROCKS had a pre-recorded orchestra track but had a live rock band to supplement the sound.

    Any others?
    December 1988 -- Disney Village Resort
    1990 -- Beach Club
    1991 -- One Day at Disneyland (Hotel unknown)
    1992 -- One Day at Disneyland (Four Seasons Newport Beach)
    November/December 1992 -- Offsite (Hyatt Orlando, name changed to Ramada Celebration, then Orlando Sun Resort)
    July/August 1993 -- One Day at Disneyland (Hyatt Newporter)
    November/December 1993 -- WDW Swan
    August 1995 -- Disneyland (Hyatt Regency Alicante, now Orange County)
    November 1996 -- Offsite (Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress)
    February 1998 -- Offsite (Holiday Inn Sunspree), Contemporary
    August 1998 -- Boardwalk Villas
    February 1999 -- Old Key West
    August 1999 -- Disneyland Hotel
    February 2000 -- Boardwalk Villas
    December 2000 -- Old Key West
    February 2001 -- Grand Californian
    December 2001 -- Grand Californian
    February 2002 -- Vero Beach, Boardwalk
    August 2002 -- Hard Rock Hotel, Old Key West
    April 2003 -- Dolphin
    August 2003 -- Grand Californian
    February 2004 -- Dolphin, Offsite (Marriott Horizons, name changed to Marriott Harbour Lake)
    May 2005 -- Beach Club Villas
    March 2006 -- Offsite (Marriott Grande Vista)
    August/September 2006 -- Boardwalk Villas
    December 2006 -- Disneyland Hotel
    May 2007 -- Saratoga Springs
    May 2008 -- Old Key West
    March 2009 -- Offsite (Marriott Grande Vista)
    May/June 2009 -- Grand Californian
    May 2010 -- Bay Lake Tower, Boardwalk Villas, Offsite (Marriott Grande Vista)
    August 2010 -- Disneyland Hotel Paris (first international Disney vacation ever, w00t w00t)
    January 2011 -- Beach Club Villas
    September 2011 -- Grand Californian (first Disney vacation to start on my birthday, w00t w00t)
    November/December 2011 -- Saratoga Springs, Offsite (Marriott Sabal Palms)

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    All the castle stage shows had live music until around `93, when that years Disney Mania went with a taped music track and live main vocals. Most of the Tomorrowland Theatre shows until `94 were totally live too.

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    Live Music at WDW Shows

    In the past, most of them have the live music, mainly in the Magic Kingdom (admittedly my least favorite park at that resort, due to it being tantrum purgatory)! I had a rather fuzzy memory of seeing a Castle Forecourt Stage show named Sparkling Christmas Spectacular back in 1991 (my first trip), so I did not know for sure whether the music was live or not (I think very likely live).

    Besides Disneymania (not the pop CDs under the umbrella name) and Every Day's A Holiday, both fondly-remembered and watched Castle Forecourt Stage Shows with a band teeming with reeds, keyboards, trumpets, trombones, drums, basses, and guitars, the biggest draws of those types of shows are at the now-scrapped Galaxy Palace Theater. I saw Disney World is Your World (or as many former Kids of the Kingdom dub it, Lands Medley) once on my first trip and Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Day 1996. I had not seen America the Musical, Hollywood! Hollywood! (it's a show at DHS, being Disney MGM Studios at the time, with live music), Show Biz Is, Best of Disney, and some others.

    Since the final performance of Mickey's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (the only and final show with a live band to implement the articulated faces of the characters to date) last year, some stage shows lowered standards by using taped music. I even wrote a blog entry (firstly in response to a cellist suing and winning a lawsuit against a venue for staging a musical with taped music), and here's a snippet on it:

    If you have been to the Magic Kingdom between 2001 and now and you have watched the shows on the Castle Forecourt Stage (in front of Cinderella’s Castle, with the current show being Dream Along With Mickey), chances are that you have neither seen a live band with brass and keyboards nor an enclosed “orchestra pit.” Sadly, to add to the grief of those of you who solely want live music in shows, even at amusement parks, you’re out of luck since last Christmas season - Mickey’s Twas the Night Before Christmas (with the articulated faces of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, and Dale) was the last show to feature such accompaniment, and its seasonally resident Galaxy Palace Theater in Tomorrowland is currently supplanted over two months ago with Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration (now shelved), which features what most live music purists hate – muzak.
    To conclude the entry, I remarked that the current shows with piped music would not hinder me from going to WDW, but I'd like to see some changes made in the next year. To quote myself:

    But then again, if Dream Along With Mickey would be replaced with a new show on the Castle Forecourt Stage in the future, I’d find it a hair better if it involves live music wafting out of the orchestra pit players’ saxes and trombones as if Disney Mania (a show in the 90’s that features the Kids of the Kingdom, Disney characters, and live music) just got revived – just have the designers, directors, and choreographers retain the articulated faces of Mickey and his kin as they did in Mickey’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before its residential theater got razed…
    Muzak Accompaniment | From the Whiz Kid Forte's Keyboard
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