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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss If you could bring back one attraction... in the I Remember... forums; Originally Posted by tiggerguy You're kind of being a little rude here in most of your recent posts. Well, almost everyone else has been rude in their posts and have ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tiggerguy View Post
    You're kind of being a little rude here in most of your recent posts.
    Well, almost everyone else has been rude in their posts and have been awfully disrespectful of other peoples' opinions.

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    "Polls like this, IMO, are really just Imagineer-bashing, thinking illogically and refusing to look at both sides of the coin.

    None of those now-gone attractions are coming back, so get used to what is in the parks now and please stop being so ungrateful and anti-Disney. I understand being attached to things, but sometimes, you have to learn to let go. Remember: we are actually a very small minority, so they have make changes in order to keep guests coming back for more."

    KC, I haven't been here very long, but I'm pretty sure I speak for many people here when I say that none of us intend our posts to be 'imagineer-bashing'. We wouldn't be here if we didn't appreciate a million different things about the magic of the Disney Parks and the magic wouldn't be there without imagineers.

    It's fun to look back and think of some things. You, yourself, said you missed certain things....and the poll was, 'if you could bring something back', not 'why i think the imagineers stink'.

    We all know changes have to happen, and we will probably all admit a lot of the changes are AWESOME! Look at the number of times people post...I'll betcha their positives FAR outweigh their opinions on polls such as this. Keep smilin, and be assured we are just looking at the past and smiling...thinkin of a loved one (person, show, attraction) that isn't around anymore!
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    There are plenty of rides here I'd love to see again. My earliest memories of WDW date back to around 1972, where I remember being absolutely terrified on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (I would have been maybe four years old then). I also remember really liking 20,000 Leagues on that same trip. But while I'd love to see most of these older rides returned, in many cases I would only want that if the newer attractions in the same location were also retained.

    The Skyway is an easy one, because it could go back without removing anything newer. But while I enjoyed MSEP, I love SpectroMagic — I wouldn't give it up for anything else! I haven't seen Stitch's Great Escape (even though Lilo & Stitch is on my short list of favorite Disney movies), but I don't think Alien Encounter was appropriate for the Magic Kingdom (and it was hardly the original attraction in that show building). I never managed to see the original Tiki Room, so I'd be happy if that one went back to the way it was. The bizarre thing about the "Under New Management" version is that they replaced a classic attraction with an update that spends most of its running time driving home the point that the original shouldn't be changed!

    Probably the one thing with which I'm most disappointed with the current iteration at WDW is The Magic of Disney Animation at DHS. It used to be one of the coolest things on property (even though I never got to see animators actually working — never there during work hours). When I went back late last year, I was so disappointed in what it has become, even if some of the cool stuff is still there.


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    I want to bring back is Captain EO Because it is a cool 3D movie!

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    from Captain EO!


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    I voted for Alien Encounter - but mainly because when it was there I was too chicken to ever try it (I'm a bit braver with rides nowadays!). I would've loved to try 'If You Had Wings' too, but I can only remember Delta Dreamflight...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JEANYLASER33 View Post
    I want to bring back is Captain EO Because it is a cool 3D movie!
    Off Topic, but I can't resist. That reminded me of the Family Guy episode when they go to Disney World, and they watched Captain EO. Very Funny!
    - Matt
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    I remember wishing that the skyway was there on our last trip to DW.

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    I wish the skyway was still there, that was so much fun!

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    If I could bring back one ride it would be MR Toads Wild Ride but only if it would not bump Winnie the Pooh out.

    I noticed only one vote for Magic Journeys . That was the first good 3-D movie I ever saw. But I much as I enjoyed it I like Phillar (sp?) Magic better. Love the Muppets 3-D also.

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    Bring Back

    The new Tiki room is obnoxious.
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    I gotta go with my favorite....HORIZONS!

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    i have to go with the skyway, everytime i go i look at the stroller parking in fanasyland and it bums me out

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    As much as I love most of these on here, especially Horizons, I REALLY miss Alien Encounter. Especially since I am not a big fan of it's replacement.
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    If You Had Wings was so cool. I liked the guy whose fish kept growing and shrinking. It was like a psychadelic experience Disney-Style. All that was missing was Kurt Russell in a turtle-neck sweater and Kim Richards in a mini-skirt.

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    Re: If you could bring back one attraction...

    I really miss Tarzan Rocks - even though I do like The Nemo Musical!!

    I'm sure there was space to fit both in!!

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