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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss What was it like.... in the I Remember... forums; I don't remember my first trip to WDW. I was less than 2 years old and only recall the photos. My very first vivid memory of MK though is that ...
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    I don't remember my first trip to WDW. I was less than 2 years old and only recall the photos. My very first vivid memory of MK though is that there was a band playing near the castle and I stopped to dance. My mom and dad took pictures because I was out there all by myself and people had stopped to watch me dance. I was about 3 1/2 years old then and I think I still recall more of it from photos than from memory. That time we went and the time I was dressed as Alice in Wonderland are my two favorites though. I remember having to pose with the White Rabbit for a while while other children's parents used my outfit as a cute photo op! I wish my scanner worked, ugh! I mainly remember lots of things but 'i started going at such an early age that some things aren't so clear.

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    I was three when I first visited the World in 1984. My family took me for my birthday and what a way to celebrate. I remember Dumbo was the first ride I ever went on, and my dad accompanied me, even though he is terrified of heights. The weirdest thing is, even though I was only three, I remember every detail of Epcot. I know that I don't support the popular opinion of the 80s, but even at three years old, I liked Epcot better. That's a little weird. Every time I step into Spaceship Earth, I can smell the ride. Not the smell of Rome burning; that greasy, metallic smell of the loading platform mixed with the warm air from outside and the cool air from inside. That smell instantly carries me back to being a 3 year old boy, entering this world of wonder for the first time, with my mom and dad at my side. And i every time I step into Spaceship Earth, I get a little misty-eyed.

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    My first trip to a Disney park was in 1978. This story is as my dad tells me as I only remember a few things about it. I cant remember the specifics about the trip there as I was only 6. When we left ND, gas was $0.50/gallon. When we got to Wyoming it had hit $0.75/gallon. By the time we reached Las Vegas there were lines at the filling stations and they were only selling 10 gallons or so at a time. Gas was around $1.10/gallon after that point We purchased our alotment of fuel and took off and thought we would just see how far we could get. As we crossed the border into CA there was a small station off the highway so we pulled in to fuel. Luckily this mans philosophy was he would sell you as much as you wanted and when he was out, he went fishing. Luckily we had put in a service tank in the truck and was able to top all three tanks off and make it into the campground in Anaheim.

    I do remember the long lines and people pushing their cars into service stations as we were leaving CA. But my memories of DL were of the Jungle Cruise, the matterhorn (the yetti scared the living *&% out of me. I think Small World scared me as well. lol The tiki room and Country Bears also stirred my memories. My first DW trip was in 1995 with the Goodyear company. Not alot to remember, other than being a Grand Marshal in the parade, as they were rushing us through everything and we only rode the teacups and Dumbo.

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    I think i am biased with my opinion that EPCOT was and still is the most enjoyable park. Due to living in SoCal, MK just is not as special as EPCOT. My family and I have some great memories there. Does anyone remember the robots that used to draw portraits of you.... they used to be where innoventions is currently....

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    My first time was in 1998 when I was 4. My favorite rides were Splash Mountain (besides the bees. For some reason the bees in the laughing place scene freaked me out), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (back then I thought that that qualified as a "big" coaster), and Dumbo. I remember falling asleep waiting to ride Dumbo one last time before the park closed. I went again when I was 8 in 2002. This time it was more fun because I could go on more rides. My favorite ride in Epcot was Test Track. Especially the ride and handling scene where the 18 wheeler comes out at you.
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    I don't remember my first trip to Walt Disney World, I was two years old. Although, every time I go to Walt Disney World I feel like every problem I've recently had melts away. It's just complete bliss in WDW and the magic is overwhelming. Sure, I'm older and I know that some of the "magical" things aren't really real and that there are mechanics behind it. But for that moment you walk through the gates, you're that 6 year old that believes that there are Pirates and Princessess, and dreams to come true. I love seeing the 6 year old, and that's what brings me back year after year!
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    I have three great memories at WDW

    Magic Kingdom - I got over my fear of hights from going on Splash Mt

    Animal Kingdom - Got over my fear of Roller Coaster by goin on Everest

    MGM I got to be in the Indiana Jones Show
    1993 - Dolphin
    1995- Aunt House
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    1999- Off Site
    2000- Coronodo Springs
    2002- Port Orleans and All Star
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    2005 -Carribean Beach - DIsney Wonder
    2005- Disneyland- Spring Break
    2006- Pop Century - Halloween
    2006- Polynesian - My High Graduation
    2007 - Pop Century
    2007- All Star Sport- Christmas TIme
    2008 - Port Orleans
    2009 - Disney Land

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    I'm sure many will agree, going to the Magic Kingdom is their favorite thing to do when they go to The Walt Disney World Complex. It just screams DISNEY, DISNEY, DISNEY.
    Love Disney. I hope to go next spring with the whole family.

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    I don't remember much about my first trip to Disney World because I was only 6 years old. My parents tell me that I hated it, but from the little bit I remember I would have to disagree. I dont remember feeling any certain emotion, but it must have been a special trip because it turned me into the Disney fan that I am today! And of course, I associate all of the magic with the Magic Kingdom because as a child I'm sure that was my favorite.
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    MMMM..... My first visit to the MK was in 1984 and I was 4 1/2. I remember sitting in those metal strollers and burning my hands anytime I touched the hot metal. I also remember the game room at the Contemparary (where we stayed). I also remember wondering off during the character breakfast there and hanging out with Chip. ( When mom found me she wasn't happy) I also remember getting really mad at the 3 little pigs, they had trapped my mom between them and were squessing her, I started yell at them to let her go. Mom said that one of the characters bent over and apologized to her. I also remember going to the Poly for the luau and dropping the black olives under the table one by one. But most of all I had a great time and couldn't wait to go back. April 2009 will be my 11th time and my daughters first, and like everyone else who has kids I cannot wait for the look on her face when we enter MK, or when she meets Mickey and Donald (her fave) for the first time. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

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    I also remember on that same trip getting my tounge stuck on a Dole fruit bar at Epcot. Had to run it under a bubbler to get it off.

    So i'll give you a safety tip: Run the fruit bar under the water first the lick, instead of the other way around.

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    My first trip...

    Well I entered the MK and as soon as I was at the beginning of Main Street USA and looked up at the castle in aw. My mouth was literally hanging open in shock. I could not believe what I was seeing, it my most memorable moment in WDW to date.

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    I first went to Disney World at age 8. I remember being in amazement at everything. I do remember being disappointed that Cinderella's castle was just plain inside. I looked forward to it being like it looked in the movie.

    When we went that year there was just 3 parks. I was amazed at how much everything had changed when DH and I went back 17 years later.

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    Magic Kingdom brings back the most memories for me. When my wife and I stepped onto Main Street for the first time all the stress and problems of home just washed away for me. We had planned to honeymoon at Disney but the military had other plans for me and we were unable to go and spent the next 13 months apart with me in Korea and her here in Michigan. so in '98 when we finally made it Magic Kingdom is was a very special moment for the two of us.
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    walking down Main Street is my dad's favorite...the sounds, smells, music...its all just wonderful...

    yall are right, when you are in WDW, all worries go away...and its just the most amazing feeling ever...

    i remember when we went when i was 7...and we saw the Main Street Electrical Parade...the original one, not the current Spectro Magic one...i remember just being in AWE...i still remember the song lol

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