My family and I have, for most of our WDW visits, been a moderate resort family. Our 2nd favorite resort of these is the Port Orleans. You would think being from New Orleans would make it a little bland... Heck no! I wish my city was that clean(funny anecdote here but ill post a separate one for that) and that everything here really was that charming. Im wandering, sorry.... One of our favorite restaurants in all of WDW and the best of the moderates hands down was Bonfamilles. Sadly, it no longer exists (not sure of the exact closing year.) I just wanted to see if anyone remembers and misses this awsome place. I remember having the strawberries with brandy creme and brown sugar.... NOM! they also had better bananas foster than anywhere in NOLA. If anyone has pictures, please post them. We sadly never ended up taking any at this particular spot.