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Poll: Should Shows with Live Music Return to WDW?

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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Shows at WDW in the I Remember... forums; I like the shows offered at WDW, but in some of those (in the Castle Forecourt Stage), there's something lacking in them. Maybe it's because I miss those feel-good shows ...
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    Shows at WDW

    I like the shows offered at WDW, but in some of those (in the Castle Forecourt Stage), there's something lacking in them. Maybe it's because I miss those feel-good shows the MK used to have with a live band, like Disney Mania. (I call it a favorite show of the past!) I wrote a blog entry about the lack of live music in most live shows (originally in response to a patron suing a theater and winning the lawsuit for putting a production with live music) and mentioned the fond memories of watching them with a pit band. That raises a few questions I will kindly take answers. Do you agree that a new show with live music would supplant Dream Along With Mickey if the show ends its performance? Should those "pit-band" shows return to WDW?
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    Re: Shows at WDW

    I've enjoyed all of them whether it has live music or not. It must be easier and lsee costly to perform the show pre-recorded.

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    Re: Shows at WDW

    Well for me this is kinda a complicated question. I have see three problems with live music for live shows at the park. First, with the precorded music Disney does not have to worry about the problems related to live music (canceling shows due to illness, the performance issues), so they have been able to focus on the stage show without worrying about live music performers. And second, Disney has really raised the bar with shows like "Finding Nemo:The Musical" and "Festival of the Lion King". Because of that, they would have to bring the same level of quality to a show with a live band. And finally, with the recently living character ideas in the parks, would they be able to continue that with a live band, or would budgets not allow for both. I'm not saying it's a bad idea. If they can keep the quality of the shows at the level they are now, I'm all for it. But in the end, if it affects the quality of the show in a negative way or I have to give up another element of the performance, I can live without a live band.

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    Re: Shows at WDW

    I voted yes...the shows with live music were awesome.

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    Re: Shows at WDW

    I think the poll was less to do with a broadway style stage show, and more to do with the instrumental groups that used to pop up all over the parks. For example, Main Street Philharmonic, the PearlyBand, Future Corps, Speldjmann Gleidje (sp? - the Norwegian musicians), JP and the Silver Stars aka Adventureland Steel Drum Band. And never forget the lost Diamond Horseshoe Revue.

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    Re: Shows at WDW

    I've never really liked the shows. The only benefit I see is that it's a distraction which makes lines for the rides shorter.
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    Re: Shows at WDW

    I wish the park still had all of the live bands they had in years past but if you want live bands go to Disneyland they have much more than Walt Disney World.

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