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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Replace Discovery River Boats at AK in the I Remember... forums; Originally Posted by Mo Noyz Probably trying to forget. Wouldn't you? Remember what? I had forgotten what we were talking about...
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    Re: Replace Discovery River Boats at AK

    Quote Originally Posted by Mo Noyz View Post
    Probably trying to forget. Wouldn't you?
    Remember what? I had forgotten what we were talking about
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    Really Walt? Disneyland is MY land? Why would I want a silly little land when I can have the WORLD.

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    Re: Replace Discovery River Boats at AK

    Well, if nothing else, did they not learn anything from the Swan Boats?

    Which, in retrospect, I miss quite a bit...

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    Re: Replace Discovery River Boats at AK

    While I love the idea of utilizing this space for an attraction, I feel the river would be better left dedicated as a wild life preserve to keep in step with the mission of the park. I was at AK in June and most of the "river" was more like swamp. Some additional observation areas and animal enclosures would be a nice addition that would expand the usage of the river without taking away from the natural beauty of the park.

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    Re: Replace Discovery River Boats at AK

    I like the Atlantis idea a LOT! Ok, so the movie wasn't that great, but it could translate well into a theme park attraction, just like Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood. Crappy movie, FANTASTIC stunt show.

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    Re: Replace Discovery River Boats at AK

    By all means correct me if I'm wrong but I was told that Discovery River is a man-made, concrete river patterned after Rivers of America in the MK that much we can see. All of the rock work around the river is molded much like Fantasylands Rehab is and you can see the retaining walls at the two main docks.

    Circa 1985, the Rivers of America at Walt Disney World - drai... on Twitpic

    The water color of Rivers of America, just like the Sassagoula River at PO and OKW receives most of the coffee color from the specific trees that are planted around these two rivers. Now the seasonal Phla that looks like shredded peas is so cure-able and just don't understand why Disney doesn't keep it up. You'll see the split pea water in abandoned areas like River Country and the Original Discovery Island.

    I'm going with the rehab on the premise that it was modeled after Rivers of America (or Pyg a grander Jungle Cruise ). I'm in for Atlantis, I think that whole area lends itself to that.

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