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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Favorite WDW Souvenir in the I Remember... forums; Originally Posted by luvdamouse Ok, so I go to ebay, and search for various "souvenir's". Of course the holy grail has to be an autograph of Walt. DW is already ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvdamouse View Post
    Ok, so I go to ebay, and search for various "souvenir's". Of course the holy grail has to be an autograph of Walt. DW is already aware that I WILL own one someday

    I know I am not the only one here who does it, so fess up...
    I just looked at eBay cause I read your post, and they do have for sell right now, a check written by walt with a pic, starting at $1,100.

    Pretty sure it's real too, lol.

    Anyway my fav WDW souvenir is my autograph book from when I was a kid.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrapbook idea, and will be doing that this year for my daughter and our book as well.

    I also like the pin trading with CM's, and will probably start this tradition this year as well.

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    885 miles from the magic
    pins, pins, pins
    wilderness lodge refillable mugs
    actual wilderness lodge furniture purchased after the refurb
    disney art
    bears from the wilderness lodge mercantile
    kitchen cabinet knobs - fab 5 in antique brass
    car magnet
    license plate frame name a few!

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    If it's free it's for me. Lol

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    my fave souvenir USED TO BE my Grad Nite shirt, but since then it was lost in the shuffle! (1995)
    ...I SHOULD be in bed right now...
    ...but I like deh cookie

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    My "Official member of Walt Disney World" pin and gold key they gave me last year. The memories from that moment will last forever, not to mention I had them framed with a picture of me with the Mayor.

    Nerd, I am.
    Dreams Really Do Come True

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    old hats... so many have changed over the years.

    I still have a daisy duck hat!
    The Goofy Princess

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    My favorite WDW souvenir, although it's technically my wife's, is a small snow globe of Spaceship Earth, because I proposed to my wife on the balcony of The Beach Club overlooking SE a few years ago, so it has a lot of sentimental value. I gave it to her as a gift to commemorate the occasion.

    I also value a crystal Mickey paperweight that my kids gave me as a gift about 15 years ago.
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    A signed letter that Darkwing Duck wrote me when i was a little kid

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    My favorite souvenier is those little pennies that you get from those machines! i have a whole book of them!

    But the best souvenier of all time is Memories.

    Your 14 year old disney expert!

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