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I Remember... Lost Attractions of WDW & More Discuss Lets expand this a bit - What is your favorite Epcot extinct attraction? in the I Remember... forums; Horizons was amazing - the space shuttle scene on the giant screen and the choose your own ending. I miss World of Motion. I understand that they have done away ...
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    Horizons was amazing - the space shuttle scene on the giant screen and the choose your own ending. I miss World of Motion. I understand that they have done away with the small car ride inside The Living Seas. I remember the Walter Cronkite narration in Spaceship Earth with the odd plants flashing at the end of the ride and you would enter into the global village to make your dinner reservations. 'Listen to the Land' song. Why do things have to change?

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    World of Motion...sniff sniff...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FutureImagineer
    World of Motion...sniff sniff...
    I worked on Motion, Horizons, World of Motion and Spaceship Earth before they opened and even met my husband at Horizons. I miss them too.

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    Wow - I had fogotten half of these! When we first went to Epcot Mum told us it was not like MK, that she had read that it was far more educational! Whatever! That may have been true, but it was also fun! We loved it, and it became a family favourite. I still love it, but agree with previous posters - why do they have to add more thrill rides all the time? World of Motion, Horizons, Universe of Energy and Spaceship Earth were all fantastic rides, highly themed and fun without flipping you upside down or scaring the whatsits out of you! Yet two are gone, and the other two are marginalised in guidebooks for being old-fashioned. After reading one guide, my partner (who has never been to WDW) suggested that we might skip SSE as it didn't sound good. I put him straight, and we will be going on it!

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    Gotta go with the original Journey into Imagination, and then Horizons...Hands down...although, I would love to see World of Motion one more time....Can we put these in an "extinct rides" pavillion? that would be awesome!!!!!

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    I absolutely miss the amazing but never forgotten ORIGINAL FIGMENT!! they should have never even got rid of it in the first place..good memories was such an amazing ride..i don't like the new one at all..anybody remember the fun games at the end of the ride before you exit?? -MY FAVORITE!!-

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    Epcot is my very favorite park, and I have mourned everything that has disappeared, especially the old Journey Into Imagination. What is playing there now is ridiculous, and I've only been back once. I miss Dreamfinder and Figment.

    I also miss the heck out of "Magic Journeys," the first 3-D movie. I have it completely memorized. And does anyone remember the old Skylaidoscope show from 1986???
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    my favroites are world of motion, horizon ( i have the audio yay!!! ), listen to the land,the living seas, the original journey into imagination with figment, body wars, cranium command, the making of me, and food rocks

    i was one the last ones to ride world of motion and horizen in 1996 so im lucky

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    I did get to see Horizons in 1998 and Journey into Imagination, woot.

    I want them back.

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    The original Journey Into Imagination with Figment. I love
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    Oh, definately the original Figment.

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    Horizons... I miss that ride
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    I've been to Disney World 22 times and can't wait to go back!

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    My favorites were "World of Motion" and "Horizons". I heard that "Spaceship Earth" may close for good and that a roller coaster would be built within. Hopefully, this is just a rumor!

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    original JintoI definitley!

    also cranium command!

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    i miss the snow part of club cool... i used to be scared of the caveman inside LOL

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