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    Does anyone remember where this menu was?

    Does anyone know where this menu is from? It's definitely old

    Barbecue Chicken served in a bread cone $4.25
    Beef and Cheese sautéed steak and onions, topped with cheese sauce served in a bread cone $3.85
    Chilled Shrimp Salad served in a cracked wheat cone $3.60
    Country Sampler
    Italian Pizza

    For Younger Folks... (11 and under)
    Mickey's Children's Meal served in a special box

    White or Red Wine $2.50
    Draft Beer $2.25
    100% Colombian Coffee $0.65 & $0.90
    Milk or Chocolate Milk
    Light n' Lively Low Fat Milk

    Also has Sealtest and Kraft advertisements

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Re: Does anyone remember where this menu was?

    The cone sandwich I believe was only sold at the Farmers Market/Sunshine Seasons Food Fair and the Launching Pad. The food on the menu lends itself to the land food court. The cone had a couple of names but was served from 1988 till the mid 90's.

    But there is an overlap, Farmers Market was from 1982-Oct 1993 and Sunshine Seasons Food Fair was 1994 to 2004 when the name was altered, menu and look was changed again to just Sunshine Seasons.

    So that cone item could be from either.
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